QQinfo and Planacy for fast and robust Business Planning and Budgeting with minimal effort

At a time when everything is growing faster and better, improving planning and budgeting processes becomes an acute necessity for most companies of all sizes. In order to meet this needs, QQinfo announces the signing of a trustworthy partnership in the field. Planacy is a modern budgeting and business planning platform that offers multiple benefits for all types of planning, including integration with the Qlik™ platform, support at every step of the processes involved and much more.

"In the over 14 years since we serve the Romanian companies with managerial analysis solutions, we had many projects in which we had to prepare and process planning and budgetary information in various forms. Most of the solutions found at the beneficiaries and still in use were focused on the use of spreadsheets at the end-user input tool. Our added value has succeeded in simplifying and increasing the speed of certain data processing processes, automating and validating consolidations, providing more robustness to certain processes. The use of spreadsheets as a base has, in many cases, allowed a minimum user adaptation effort,but has, in many situations, left some gaps in the robustness, speed or real-time multi-user and multi-tasking capabilities of budgeting processes. Not to mention auditing, approval streams, traceability...

For 10 years we have been looking for better management of planning and budgeting data and processes that also offer speed and ease of use and native integration with Qlik™, but especially a fair price that is relevant to the Romanian market.

Now we have been able to find what we are looking for and we are glad that Planacy comes with a package of features that simultaneously bring coherence, speed and robustness to planning and budgeting processes, both for the financial, operational and commercial realms."
Cotiso Hanganu
Managing Partner, QQinfo
"As one of Romania's most experienced Qlik™ Partner and a high level of expertise in the field of Budget & Planning, we are thrilled that Q&Q Info has chosen to partner with Planacy to offer their customers on the Romanian market a simpler, more efficient and more value-creating Budget, Forecast and Planning - seamlessly integrated with Qlik™."
Jimmy Stenqvist Evegard
CEO, Planacy
About Planacy

Planacy is a web-based planning platform, that, through a perfect integration with Qlik™ platform, it offers you the best opportunities for an easier, more efficient and more valuable planning process.

With Planacy and their unique configurability, customers receive a planning platform fully adapted to their business and processes. 

It is a modern, lightweight and powerful system, that simplifies financial and operational planning both for the company and for all the processes involved in the planning process. 

A platform that allows the organization to collaborate and move in the same direction with a comprehensive and consistent budget, forecasting and planning for the entire company.

Why did we choose Planacy for this partnership?

Below are some of the powerful features we appreciate in Planacy:

It offers integration with the best BI platform on the market – Qlik™

By integrating the planning platform Planacy with Qlik™, it’s possible to take advantage of the investments already made both in the data model and in the analysis objects. This offers a consistent solution for analysis and reporting and budgeting, forecasting and planning.

Once the models and the analyzes are already in place, it’s easy to start working with Planacy. Planacy offers support for all types of planning: financial budgeting, fixed and rolling forecasts, sales planning, procurement planning and operational planning (such as staff, projects and investments).

Whether you need a coherent and rational platform or an autonomous operational planning tool, Planacy is here to help. It’s powerful features, together with the perfect integration with Qlik Sense™ and QlikView™, allow a more collaborative and continued planning of your business.

This is Planacy – a modern budget planning and forecasting platform. A scalable and flexible planning platform built to manage a complex reality, that can grow with your company.

About QQinfo

QQinfo (Q&Q Info Consult SRL) has been providing high-end Business Intelligence (BI) and Operational Intelligence (OI) consulting services since 2005 capitalizing on Qlik™ (View and Sense) platform capabilities.

With the help of its team of consultants and partners, QQinfo has provided and continues to provide companies with personalized services in the area of developing relevant and effective managerial and operational analytics, focusing on efficacy due to the intuitive ease of navigation of the Qlik™ platform, combined with advanced modeling capabilities and processing of the consultant team.

Starting from the challenges and solutions implemented to customers, QQinfo specialists have developed a number of innovative IT products that offer innovative and versatile solutions to specific issues:

QQbanking™ – it provides automatic and semi-automatic consolidation of multi-bank and multi-company account statements, both in terms of balances and operations.

QQcashflow optim™ – it provides monitoring of bottom-up projections of future financial flows and prioritized payment planning.

QQpromo™ – it helps with planning, approving and monitoring promotions in distribution channels, especially in the International Key Account area.

QQcrm™ – it generates tactical and strategic alerts and monitors their resolution in relation to regular clients.

QQvendor reporting™ – it helps automate reporting processes to vendor.

QQwork logger™ and QQworkload™ – they are integrated recording, monitoring and optimization systems for staff loading.

QQinventory suite™ –  package of inventory health-related analyzes that brings both operational suggestions for prioritization and immediate action in the area of article and location supply and allocation as well as consolidated prospective analyzes over long intervals, to identify the losses and risks associated with stocks that are insufficiently suited to commercial realities.

QQinfo also offers, through its QQacademy program, interactive workshops for Qlik™ platform use, development, design and administration.

„Since 2005, I noticed that with business intrication, the Romanian market tends to a critical point of competitiveness in many sectors, such as private and state management. I am talking about a support shortage that could provide certain information about the organization and generate complete results. Accessing quality information and analysing comlpex and profound the inside and outside of ones company are greatly time-consuming.”
Cotiso Hanganu
Managing Partner, QQinfo

We are confident that this partnership will be long lasting and successful and will benefit both companies.

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