QQcashflow™ aims to build the company’s cash-flow projections, bottom-up.

Starting from invoices issued and received uncollected, usually recorded in ERP (accounts receivables & accounts payables) and adding to these other types of foreseeable transactions with an impact on the future of cash (taxes, rents, salaries, etc.), the solution allows, through a systematic and fast processing and through an intuitive visualization, the identification of the future periods of surplus and lack of cash, as well as of the variation of the respective values ​​in time.

It can be quickly seen that, due to the lack of revenue forecast for November, the current estimate of the balance at the end of November is negative (red).

There are also options to identify and filter subsets of facts, which can highlight, for example, the impact of certain projects or partnerships on the future cash available.

Depending on the type of beneficiary, QQcashflow™ also integrates working situations with credit ceilings, letters of guarantee with and without collateral cash, loans, and deposits, etc., offering dedicated visual analyzes for each of these perspectives.

In the case of beneficiaries acting in a coordinated way, as a group of companies, QQcashflow™ allows both the individual treatment of each member of the group and the net consolidation at group level.

In addition, going beyond the graphical presentation and forecasting, the optimal QQcashflow™ option genera will generate, for cash deficit situations, a suggestion to defer payment with penalty costs and minimal risks.

The generation of the deferral suggestion is generated based on a set of parameters, among which are the payment terms, respectively the payment deferrals that can be borne in minimum risk conditions.

Below is an illustration of how QQcashflow Optim™ works, on a small example.

QQcashflow optim™

QQcashflow Optim™ allows operational prioritization of payments delay proposals. It works as part of QQcashflow™, on QlikView™ and Qlik Sense™.

Example of operation:

Initial forecast:

Starting 2 of March 2013, QQcashflow™ provides a red alert in the second graph, underlining a future cash deficit forecast.

The summary of the postponements proposed by QQcashflow Optim™ is presented in details:

In the resulting situation, forecasted after the recommended postponements, the balance no longer goes through negative values (red):

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