Qlik Web Connectors

Qlik Web Connectors is a small-scale web service that has a wide range of connectors that reach out to specific web-based data sources.

Qlik Web Connectors can reside either on the same machine as the QlikView or Qlik Sense Server or on a separate machine. The connectors for the specific web APIs bring back data based on your requirements.

Qlik Web Connectors provide simplified connectors that are designed for specific application and data sources. They eliminate the need to develop or maintain internal connectors and allows a rapid deployment. This radically improves the consistency of data analysis, and empowers you to make informed business decisions in near real-time.

Qlik Web Connectors 2.2 version can connect to a large number of Web APIs which are not necessarily social media related.

Qlik Web Connectors currently includes the following connectors:

To transfer data into QlikView™ or Qlik Sense™Qlik Web Connectors automatically generates an upload script, which can then be copied and paste into your application.

For QlikView and Qlik Sense, web based datas are just another data source such as an SQL database. With Qlik Web Connectors running, it simply needs to reload the application, either manually or scheduled through the Management Console.

When the Qlik Web Connectors section of the load script is reached, Qlik Web Connectors gets to work and gets your data.

Additionally, Qlik Web Connectors can also be used for developing connections for other difficult to load sources, such as NoSQL type databases which are running on the user’s machine/LAN and where there may not be an ODBC driver or other mechanism available for QlikViewor Qlik Sense to easily extract the data.

Here are some examples:


Facebook’s own analytics tools are great for individual pages, but it becomes a challenge to compare performance between multiple Facebook pages.It can also be difficult to share best practices and skills across multiple Facebook sites or to identify which pages are performing better.

Qlik offers two Facebook connectors that allow you to combine Facebook data sets together.

  1. The Qlik Facebook Insights Connector provides metrics around the content of multiple Facebook pages that you own or administer, allowing you to understand and analyse trends within user growth, demographics or consumption of content.
  2. The Qlik Facebook Fan Page Connector gives you insight into how people are engaged with a public Facebook fan pages or groups, along with what they’re posting and liking on the pages that you’re analysing.


The Qlik Twitter Connector can be used by a variety of customers that gives you powerful insight into Twitter.

Users can observe what people are saying about their company and/or competitors, while others monitor their brands to help identify issues and respond to customer needs.

The Qlik Twitter Connector allows you to load data through the Twitter API quickly and easily using specific usernames or search terms. You can then easily identify hashtags, links to other sites, pictures and any usernames to help you get a complete picture of what’s being said, how and by whom.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics comes with great dashboards, but it is often difficult to get a complete sense of what’s going on, especially when you want to compare websites side-by-side.The Qlik Google Analytics Connector is an effective way of understanding visitor behavior across your websites by feeding into Qlik a detailed stream of Web data, in a consistent and automated manner.

It gives you the freedom and flexibility to create the KPIs that are important to you, and view all your website performance profiles in one place.

Qlik Google Calendar Connector

The Qlik Google Calendar Connector allows you to download events from a Google Calendar that you have access to, into your QlikView™ or Qlik Sense™ apps.To use the Qlik Google Calendar Connector you must have a Google account with which to authenticate the connector.

After authenticating the connector, a number of tables are available:

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