Q&Q Info Consult Ltd. was founded in 2005 as a result of identifying in the market a pressing need in the Romanian private and state-owned management, because of the business complexity, as well as the level of competitiveness in many sectors, reaching a critical level. At this point, making decisions by using quasi-exclusively subjective elements, intuitive, unconsolidated on real data, provided by the functional basis of the organization, was no longer possible for generating wholesome results. The situation has not changed much even today.

Accessing quality information, a complex and profound analysis of the company’s inside and outside realities can be time consuming. For those which management time is an overloaded resource, it’s time for a change: implementing a management analysis and reporting system based on the QlikView platform!

Q&Q Info Consult Ltd. or briefly QQinfo, has at its core business, management and IT experience gathered from professionals with experience in the retail, distribution and IT business sectors.

Since 2005, I noticed that with business intrication, the Romanian market tends to a critical point of competitiveness in many sectors, such as private and state management. I am talking about a support shortage that could provide certain information about the organization and generate complete results. Accessing quality information and analyzing complex and profound the inside and outside of ones company are greatly time-consuming.Q&Q Info Consult is a business software solutions deployer that comes with a fresh approach in the market: a user-friendly interface – QlikView. In other words, the goal is to optimize operations regardless of the company’s size.
At QQinfo we maintain our verticality through the value of a well done job, through the power of truth, and not least through the love of technology, that we consider a real catalyst for increasing business efficiency.
Our company wants to bring in Romania tools, methodologies and solutions that allow Romanian managers to compete on head to head with managers from all over the world. “Analysis available with the speed of thought!” is, in short, what we offer.
Cotiso Hanganu

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