The experience that our team has accumulated over time in various fields is RIGHT AWAY available to you with a set of software products and also quickly adaptable.

Here are some examples of products with which we are ready to help you:

Cash Driver™

Cash Driver™ este o unealtă de analiză și proiecție în viitor, multi-scenariu, pentru analiza rapidă și interactivă a profitabilității si disponibilului de Cash Flow al companiilor și organizațiilor.
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Automatic and semi-automatic consolidation of multiple bank and account statements, both from the balances point of view, as from that of the operations. Works on the QlikView™ platform.
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Operational projections monitoring (bottom-up) of future financial and of prioritized payments planning flows. Works on the QlikView™ platform.
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Identify and evaluate the losses caused by your history of Out of Stock, No Moving and Slow Moving and start a prioritized approach in solving and preventing future occurency.
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Generate tactical and strategic alerts an monitor their resolution in relation to regular customers. Works on the QlikView platform. It also works independently from other CRM systems, but also in conjunction with other CRM systems, depending on the circumstances.

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It is an unique application dedicated to the effective management of promotional campaigns run through indirect channels.
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Automating the reporting to vendors processes. Works on the QlikView™ platform.
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Dynamic multidimensional analysis over Romania’s macroeconomic information. Works on the Qlik Sense™ platform.
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The application allows employees and managers to keep track of their most important asset: their worktime in a simple, fast and easy to use fashion. It is usually implemented together with QQworkload.
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Using information either from QQwork.logger™ or any other time tracking solution (time tracking, time sheet, BMP), the application provides not only valuable information regarding effort and efficiency, over and under-load, interruptions and reworks, plus lots of other various insights, including effort and profitability of personnel activities.
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It’s a solution specially designed to prevent negative situation about stocks (Out of Stock, NoMoving).
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It’s a business solution that provides a relevant analysis for all companies that operate in multiple management locations distributed across the territory.
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For more details about how these products and solutions can help you, or for the development of solutions tailored to the specific needs, please contact us!