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Here are some examples of solutions we have ready to help you with:

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Solutions for Sales & Marketing Management

It is an interactive visual analysis and tabulation solution that provides relevant perspectives on sales facts in a business oranization. Includes sales and sales margin analyses, dahsboard & timeline, charts, geo-marketing, what if, plan execution, etc.
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Generate tactical and strategic alerts an monitor their resolution in relation to regular customers. Works on the QlikView™ platform. It also works independently from other CRM systems, but also in conjunction with other CRM systems, depending on the circumstances.
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It is an unique application dedicated to the effective management of promotional campaigns run through indirect channels.
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Price management is an extremely important activity, especially in competitive or extremely dynamic environments (such as online commerce) and this activity is in fact at the confluence of sales marketing and product management. QQpricing™ offers a dynamic and versatile interface of decisional support in pricing, but also a mechanism to retain new pricing decisions and monitor their effect in the near future.
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The Factorial Analysis, or cause-effect analysis, allows the identification of the contribution of each of the determinants of the variation of a compound KPI, in the variation of this KPI.
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QQtargets&bonus™ brings an easy integrated way to define combined targets for sales teams, evaluate performance versus targeted performance and calculate the actual bonus for each sales agent & team.
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Extension for QQsales
Basket composition analytics were initially developed by large retailers to identify natural trends of product association by including them by the consumer in the same shopping cart. QQbasket.analytics™ extends the concept, offering users, directly in the interface, the option to choose the correlation element, beyond the established option (tax receipt/ invoice).
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QQgeomarketing™ analytics bring the presentation of commercial information to another level, offering GIS representations, superimposed with concrete data extracted from ERP, combined with demographic information specific to cities (represented by GIS as points) or counties/ regions/ countries.
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Beyond the already usual analyzes, listed in the QQsales.margin package, the advanced analysis capabilities and performance, but also the levels of detail available in more and more sales monitoring systems have brought us in a position to add to our analysis portfolio, ready prepared, an extensive set of analyzes, from the following categories:

  • cohort analysis
  • RFT analysis (Recency-Frequency-Total)
  • pivoting heatmap analysis during the first order of the customer and the product
  • analysis of new, lost, and regained customers
  • correlated analysis of repurchase frequency

These additional sets of analysis can highlight subtle buying habits and/ or associations that can be turned into good practices and ways to improve business.
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Products & Supply Management Solutions

It is a solution for quickly identifying high-risk stock situations.
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It’s a solution specially designed to prevent negative situation about stocks (Out of Stock, NoMoving).
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It’s a business solution that provides a relevant analysis for all companies that operate in multiple management locations distributed across the territory.
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Identify and evaluate the losses caused by your history of Out of Stock, No Moving and Slow Moving and start a prioritized approach in solving and preventing future occurency.
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Automating the reporting to vendors processes. Works on the QlikView™ platform.
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A better way to manage demand forecast and build & manage purchase orders.
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Solutions for Financial and Treasury Management

Cash Driver™ is a multi-scenario analysis and future projection tool for fast and interactive analysis of the profitability and availability of Cash Flow of companies and organizations.
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The monitoring of uncollected and unpaid balances, as well as that of receipts and payments are closely linked and constitute the starting point for direct cash flow projections (bottom-up), but also for working capital and cash collection cycle analytics.

Starting from the Anglo-Saxon terminology

  • AR = Accounts Receivable
  • AP = Accounts Payable
  • and adding in front of them S for Balances (Solduri in Romanian) determined the acronym in the name.
  • QQsip™ provides information on current and overdue balances of both customers and suppliers, both at the present time and at any previous historical date in the time horizon in which we have data on invoices issued and received together with their related settlements.
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Companies operating with a lot of cash, especially those in the HORECA – FOOD area, need a solution to monitor movements and cash balance, with minimum effort and maximum speed in entering data and with extreme versatility and flexibility in extracting immediate of relevant analytics, from at least some perspectives.
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Operational projections monitoring (bottom-up) of future financial and of prioritized payments planning flows. Works over  QlikView™ or Qlik Sense™ platforms.
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Automatic and semi-automatic consolidation of multiple bank and account statements, both from the balances point of view, as from that of the operations. Works on the QlikView™ platform.
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Basic financial analytics: P&L (profit & loss), Balance Sheet, indirect Cash Flow, including extra accounting adjustments, ABC (activity based costing) analytics, multiple integrated and comparative perspectives. It wrks on QlikView™ & Qlik Sense™ platforms.
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ABC analytics (Activity Based Costing) are increasingly requested by retail and especially distribution companies, which want to understand the detailed profitability of its subunits without overloading the activity of the accounting department with a huge operating effort.

All the effort to spread certain expenses recorded at the level of the entire company by subunits and/ or cost (or profit) centers is a significant repetitive calculation effort, which QQabc™ can take over in full, with significantly reduced risks of error.

QQabc is usually integrated into QQfin and highlights the generic processing capabilities of QQslicer.

Running on QlikView™ & Qlik Sense™ platforms.
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Cash Conversion Cycle financial analytics bring more clarity to management regarding the need for working capital and the speed of money rotation in their entire acquisition cycle -> stock -> sale -> …

The added value of QQccc™, beyond the classic CCC model, is brought by a regular, immediate, fast, consistent, and detailed processing, with the help of which analytics can be provided by subunits and sub-entities, to levels that were practically impossible to do until now.

QQccc™ usually uses QQsales and QQsip as a starting point and highlights the generic processing capabilities of QQslicer.
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Working Capital financial analytics bring more clarity to management regarding the need for working capital needed to cover the required capital in the entire business cycle purchase -> stock -> sale -> …

QQworking.capital™ offers, along with QQccc, regular, immediate, fast, consistent, and detailed processing, which can provide analysis by subunits and sub-entities, to levels that were virtually impossible to do until now.

QQworking.capital™ usually uses QQsales and QQsip as a starting point and leverages the generic processing capabilities of QQslicer.
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Dynamic multidimensional analysis over Romania’s macroeconomic information. Works on the Qlik Sense™ platform.
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The new ANAF (National Agency of Fiscal Administration) regulations regarding the SAF-T reporting will affect, sooner or later, with or without subsequent postponements, all companies in Romania, regardless of size and computer system used.

Qsaft™ brings a unique, quickly reconfigurable solution, both for situations of changing reporting requirements and in case of modification or change of source ERP, or even change of data processing treatment.

In addition, Qsaft™ provides intelligible dynamic reports on the status and history of reporting, or the amount of data involved.

For companies that have very large volumes of data to include, in the reports Qsaft™ manages easily and efficiently the partial transmission of reports.
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Solutions for Operational Management, Production and Human Resources

The application allows employees and managers to keep track of their most important asset: their worktime in a simple, fast and easy to use fashion. It is usually implemented together with QQworkload™.
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Using information either from QQwork.logger™ or any other time tracking solution (time tracking, time sheet, BMP), the application provides not only valuable information regarding effort and efficiency, over and under-load, interruptions and reworks, plus lots of other various insights, including effort and profitability of personnel activities.
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There are various solutions to collect the timekeeping of an organization’s eployees and collaborators, but the way in which the results of collecting this information are presented to management (including operational) can be certainly improved.
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Monitoring both the maintenance  activities, the processing loads  and the failures in a single place brings a lot of added value for improving maintenance processes.
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Any document management system will sooner or later become an extremely complicated task if the vision of a coherent structuring of meta-information is not built in time. And such structuring is one of the first actions undertaken by a team of top BI consultants.
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Project and especially quality Portfolio Management is practically a utopia without a high-performance BI tool, put over the data contained in a collaborative project management solution, to provide a comprehensive and complete perspective on all the elements that contribute to well-managed processes.
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Quick identification of relevant information about employees and processes can be essential in organizations where the number of employees is already significant.

Beyond timekeeping, free days and activity log, quite a large set of elements can be explored and monitored, at any level of detail, aggregation, and representation:

  • seniority,
  • performance,
  • equipment on hand (and/or usage),
  • qualification,
  • positioning in space and geography,
  • current health status,
  • health check history
  • training needs, execution and  results,
  • planning development programs,
  • level of involvement in non-curricular activities,
  • the content of the motivational package, (salary and extra-salary),
  • evaluation received and offered,
  • targets and bonuses,
  • the number of subordinates
  • and the hierarchical levels.

In addition, important aspects within the Personnel / Human Resources department can be highlighted, such as:

  • number of vacancies,
  • the number and nature of sanctions,
  • prediction of leaving the work risks,
  • recruiters’ performance
  • the stage of recruitment processes,
  • the performance and budgets of the channels for promoting the available positions,
  • management quality assessment,
  • etc.
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Beyond business dedicated solutions for industries and departments, we also have a set of generic tools to prepare and process data, that are generally usable. More details about QQtools are here.

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