The experience that our team has accumulated over time in various fields is RIGHT AWAY available to you with a...

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Our Clients

QQinfo aims to increase the efficiency of each customer. To do so, our company has promoted among these the idea...

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QQacademy is an event that includes QlikView™ Business Intelligence platform use and management training. A QQacademy session is formed out of 3 course modules...

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QQinfo brings to Romanian business software market essential tools to support management towards improved efficiency and innovation. Qlik Products Adra...

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Q&Q Info Consult  is a business software solutions implementer that refreshes the market with a user-friendly interface – Qlik. Namely, the platform collects data from various databases  and extracts from them a wide range of functionalities. In other words, the goal is to optimize operationsregardless of company’s size.

At QQinfo we maintain verticality through the value of a well done job, through the power of truth, and not least through the love of technology, that we consider a real catalyst for increasing business efficiency.


Valentin Mitrea – General Director, Smart Vending

It’s a real pleasure to work with a team of professionals who have taken all your worries about developing managerial analyzes. Now, sales, profitability or stock informations are really at hand. Analyzes developed by  QQinfo team have combined our previous computing and analysis models with their know-how, so we have now cut 90% of search… Read more “Valentin Mitrea – General Director, Smart Vending”

Valentin Mitrea
General Director, Smart Vending

Dan Șerbănescu, Director General – NEMO EXPRESS

“We decided to choose QQinfo and Qlik mainly because of QQinfo consultants’ abilities to quickly understand our company’s needs and to create a coherent, multi-dimensional and easy-to-use system of analysis specific to our industry, going exclusively from 2 meetings with NEMO management. The results amazed us through the wealth of analytics prospects, beyond the major… Read more “Dan Șerbănescu, Director General – NEMO EXPRESS”

Dan Șerbănescu

Tudor Manea – VP Human Resources and Technology, Dante International SA

We have always benefited from prompt delivery of the required products and services and quality support too, both during the implementation and post-development. Moreover, QQinfo’s advice and their solutions for some situations allowed us to identify and/or overcome significant technical obstacles, thus achieving the objectives of streamlining management analyzes and support systems decisions.

Tudor Manea
VP Human Resources and Technology, Dante International SA

Cornel Paraschiv – AUTOKLASS CENTER

“We have approached the QQinfo team to implement reporting and analysis solutions to improve the performance of AUTOKLASS, from the express desire to automate some processes. Later, we decided to extend the reporting system and management analysis from the need to give decision makers time to quickly find better, faster solutions by accessing data at… Read more “Cornel Paraschiv – AUTOKLASS CENTER”

Cornel Paraschiv

Adrian Trâncă – Director IT, ProTV

We have chose to work with Q & Q Info Consult because of the reputation and seriousness we have found as a result of the market analysis and the solutions that they proposed for us even before contacting. After the successful completion of the first phase of the Q & Q Info Consult project, we… Read more “Adrian Trâncă – Director IT, ProTV”

Adrian Trâncă
Director IT, ProTV

Mihai Pătrașcu – Founder & CEO, evoMAG

It’s comforting to work with a BI team that first understands your needs, offers you viable alternatives and then runs the agreed solution on time (and often more!). This is the feeling that I have when I work with the QQteam!

Mihai Pătrașcu
Founder & CEO, evoMAG

Laurențiu Gheorghiu – Advertising Traffic Manager, ProTV

We have been able to highlight, through analyzes made in Qlik ™, viewing and buying habits, smoother segments of viewers and consumers and from here, adjusting our trade and program policies where needed. Operational net result at the end of the day: an increase in efficiency by 150%.  

Laurențiu Gheorghiu
Advertising Traffic Manager, ProTV