QQacademy details

QQacademy is an event that includes QlikView™ Business Intelligence platform use and management training. The sessions are half-yearly or can be organized on request if the minimum number of trainees is met.

QQacademy session is formed out of 3 course modules with basic technical themes:

Within the Visual Interface Design Module (QLD), the final test will also have a practical section that will consist of building a What-If analysis like the one in the image.

We recommend QDSA to the technical staff that will ensure the implementation and maintenance of the QlikViewplatform within their companies or within the client-company.

QLD steamlines and simplifies working time on medium and long term reporting processes from own companies or client-companies, therefore it is an added value for:

QA SAOAIF is recommended to people familiar with the QlikView™ platform who want to deepen this Business Intelligence platform. This course covers inter alia familiarization and learning some instruments as Set Analysis; of new methodologies of data exploration, organizing them as is MetaData Management; data processing organization best practices as is Enterprise Framework; learning some practices and instruments for tracking the development stages of maintenance applications as are those for Versioning and Documentation and many more.

Our trainer, Cotiso Hanganu, has over 20 years of experience in the development and usage of QlikView™ solutions, has been involved in over 200 projects and is the only certified QlikView™ trainer from Romania, with several hundreds of trainees in over 40 QlikView™ training sessions.

Participation of one person to 1 day of course involves an investment of 260 EUR+VAT:

The number of participants at QQacademy is limited! Enrollment is made in the fee payment order.

QQacademy venue and details of the schedule will be communicated to you after completion of enrollment and at least 2 weeks before the classes begin.

We look forward to seeing you at QQacademy!