QQconfig.tracker™ allows regular retrieval of the entire set of currently valid processing configurations with each new data processing.

This saving of the complete set of current configurations is highly relevant in the context of using SIRQ™ and other QQtools modules that use configuration tables, which basically change the processing logic (in the Qlik™ script or interface).

Depending on the technology and format used when editing the configuration tables, if such information is automatically collectable, auditing and traceability of changes can be taken further, including information about the time and author of the change and possibly possible explanations entered at the time.

Once the entire historical evolution of processing configurations is saved, a previous version can be identified and restored, different versions can be compared, and even further, the impact of a change(s) in the resulting processing can be understood.

Continuous auditing of configuration changes also allows for continuous versioning of configuration changes.

As this is structured data, the information can also be converted into text format (CSV or other format) and sent to versioning servers (such as Git).

Having all the information ready structured, QQconfig.tracker™ can also be used in conjunction with QQvalidator, to corroborate the impact of configuration changes on test results.

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