Cash Tracking

Companies that work with a lot of cash, especially small and medium-sized companies, need modern, simple, and fast solutions to be able to record all cash transactions, especially the least typical ones, and to quickly identify the cash available in each unit and/ or agent, as well as possible risks of fraud by cash operators.

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Systemic benefits

 •  Integrated collection of data  from other systems
 Much of the cash transaction records are usually collected in other already functioning computer systems.
 QQcash.manager™ thus avoids double recording as much as possible.
 For example:
       •  the receipts from the cash registers are already computerized,
       •  as well as cash deposits or withdrawals from the bank, can be made relatively immediately

 •  Integrated and automatic sending of uniquely collected data in QQcash.collector™ to other transactional and reporting systems avoids another set of possible double transactions.
        •  acquisition costs from individuals, without a tax document, can be forwarded in profitability reports.

Benefits of manual data collection

  • Entering the system, the minimum information about the operations performed.
  • Entering data online from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer).
  • Data is collected and stored centrally and immediately available for analytics of any kind.
  • If necessary, the data entry history is kept, or it is not allowed to edit the data after the entry.

Types of online collectible transactions

  • cash withdrawals from the store
  • purchases from individuals (without tax document)
  • bank deposits (on behalf of different entities)
  • cash loans & cash loan returns from associates

QQcash.manager™ Components

QQcash.manager™ Chart

Basic integration chart: QQfin + QQcash.manager™, running on QlikView™/ Qlik Sense™.


  • Quickly retrieves any records related to cash activities that have not already been recorded in other computer systems
  • Contains nomenclatures of types of allowed operations and their parameters.
  • Contains agent nomenclatures with permission to enter data into the system.

QQcash.collector™ Interface


Leveraging the power of Qlik™, but also the real experience gained by QQinfo in real life, especially in modeling, processing, and data integration, QQcash.integrator™ allows the interconnection of QQcash.manager™ subsystems with each other and with other existing systems in the company. Of immediate interest is QQfin, which will receive details about numbered expenses that do not have associated tax documents.

Regarding automatic data retrieval, such situations can bring data both from ERP and directly from bank account statements in electronic format or from other similar systems. The SIRQ, AirSIRQ and LoopSIRQ™ processing motors allow a quick and easy to maintain configuration. In addition, the Data Integration options offered by Qlik Sense™ and Qlik Automation™ also simplify what needs to be done in different scenarios.


  • Make the most of the native data processing and analysis capabilities of the Qlik Sense™ platform, as well as the huge multiplication of viewing options brought by our framework, QQcosmic.app.
  • Provides an extensive package of relevant analytics:

Types of reports available

  • general current cash balance
  • current cash balance at each agent and location
  • detailed history of general cash transactions and filtered by entities involved
  • the historical variation of the general and filtered cash balance
  • identification of the quantitative and value impact of post-introduction changes on the results
  • identification of disparities between deposits declared by agents and those confirmed by banking systems
  • etc.

QQcash.monitor™ Interface

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