When data confidentiality is extremely important to your organization, you may want certain subsets of data to be differently accessed to different people, and users with access rights to the entire data set. 

Differentiated management of access to sensitive data within the same Qlik™ application, for heterogeneous levels of data access, can be defined in several ways, with QQsecurity™ providing everything a non-experienced Qlik™ administrator needs to control the rules of applicable security.  

Dedicated applications or dedicated ranks are no longer needed, making administration easier, and QQsecurity™ is ready to manage differentiated access rights for an entire Qlik™ analytics application package inclusiv, including rules that apply simultaneously to a group of more many Qlik™ analysis applications.

…. of equal rank, but which do not have overlapping areas of responsibility (such as directors of the region, or business unit, etc.).

…. makes it thicker at the full application level, or finer, both vertically in the tables (rows of data that are or are not accessible depending on the role of the user) and horizontally in the tables (columns with hidden data for certain levels of access to related data users with specific roles). In addition, at least in QlikView™, you can control the visibility of certain pages and objects by associating with users and roles.

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