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What is QR-Patrol

QR Patrol is a modern real-time solution using all the latest technologies to streamline and optimize organizations’ guard tour activities. It is a sophisticated, yet user friendly application that guarantees:

  • Increased Performance
  • Cost Savings
  • Enhanced Worker Safety
  • Improved Decision making
  • Transparency – Accountability
  • Proving your work towards your clients

QR-Patrol System

The best real-time guard tour monitoring system

The QR-Patrol monitoring system is based on cloud technology and the use of Smartphones/Tablets. It consists of:

  • web application used by the monitoring center to manage and monitor the guards and their patrols. Since QR-Patrol uses cloud technology, there is no need for installation of software.
  • mobile application used by the guards to perform their patrols. It has a user friendly interface that requires minimum training and can be downloaded for free from the PlayStore or the AppStore to the guards smart devices.

Multiple Devices Use

No device limit – Use anywhere and everywhere
Android Application

Download QR-Patrol for Android:
QR-Patrol in Android market

iOS Application

Download QR-Patrol for iPhone / iPad
QR-Patrol in Appstore

Web Application

QR-Patrol in the Web:

3Play Technology

QR-Patrol offers 3 types of checkpoints


Place QR-code on assets and scan with your smartphone.

  • Simplicity
  • Cost Friendly
  • Ability to add Company Logo

NFC tag

Just pass the smartphone over the NFC tag to scan it.

  • Cannot be copied
  • Longevity
  • Perfect for low light conditions


Beacons enable remote verification of checkpoints.

  • Remote Scanning
  • Automatic Scanning
  • Efficiency 


The best real-time guard tour monitoring system

QR-Patrol helps hundreds of companies worldwide to manage their staff efficiently!
So there’s a wealth of languages that both QR-Patrol mobile and web application are currently available in.

Don’t see your language? No Problem! We can include it in a matter of days!

Guard Tour Systems

Cloud vs Traditional Security Systems
Cloud guard tour systems
  • Real-Time information with minimum infrastructure cost
  • Improved flexibility – Management and monitoring from everywhere
  • No need of time-consuming hand-written reports
  • Automatic software updates
  • No need for disaster recovery plan




Traditional guard tour systems
  • Infrastructure cost – Server maintenance
  • Limited in-house management – monitoring ability
  • Limited control on guards reliability
  • No system updates or improvements
  • Need for constant files backup

QR-Patrol PRO

Provide additional solutions to sky-rocket QR-Patrol benefits!
QR-Patrol PRO, the evolution of QR-Patrol, provides extra applications and features to benefit from!

QR-Patrol M.A.R.S.  is a mobile application for the monitoring center/managers, which allows them to have access to the system and monitor the guards even when being out off office/ on the road. Like the cloud-based application, it can also be used by the end clients!

QR-PTT, i.e. “Push To Talk” over IP, is an Android/iOS based app that helps guards and lone workers communicate instantly (orally or via text messages) with each other. A modern walkie talkie!

Man Down functionality

A clip device attached to the Guard can detect dangerous situations and automatically send SOS alerts! Get instant SOS messages when a guard gets attacked, has an accidental fall, fades etc.

API - Minimize complexity through integration

It can be used to connect QR-Patrol to 3rd party systems! The possibilities are limitless: from connecting QR-Patrol to Alarm call centers/ CMS to create a unified platform, to adding more value to your current applications (ERP etc.)

External BLE SOS button

Enhance your guards’ security level by using an external BLE SOS button. Imagine a scenario where a guard is in a difficult situation and cannot reach to his mobile device to send an SOS Event. By simply pressing the External SOS Button the monitoring center immediately gets notified about his dangerous situation.

Mobile Forms – Replace exhaustive paper reports

Gather quality data from guards at certain points of importance and/or provide valuable instructions to them by attaching a Form at specific checkpoints. Info about Room & Machinery conditions (i.e. temperature, pressure), certain procedures to be followed at any point etc. ensure the best operational performance.

QR-Patrol GOLD

The Ultimate weapon to master your security guard tours
QR-Patrol GOLD, the evolution of QR-Patrol PRO, provides extra applications and features to benefit from!
Guard Trail

Security Administrators can now have full control over the patrols executed: Guard Trail feature enables the drawing of a path line on the map. You can even play the guard trail on animation!

Logo on Reports & Guard Photo

Subscribers of GOLD version plans can now upload their own company logo on the system, which is included in the exported reports!

Advanced Customized Report Tool

The advanced customized reporting tool will enable you to create any report you may imagine using data from your QR-Patrol account. Additionally, we’ve gathered the most-wanted reports based on your valued feedback, that will be included in a new, ready-to-use collection available for GOLD users!

Virtual Checkpoints

Virtual Checkpoints eliminate the need of physical checkpoints. You will define an area per each “checkpoint”, and if the guard position is within that area the scanning can take place automatically without any further action needed!

QR-Patrol - Some Key-Point Features

An example selection of key features

Fully Flexible Scheduling
Not all organizations have the same needs. Support of fully customizable scheduling (users can create draft schedules, make changes, activate them, delete/ cancel them (history is maintained), multiple Guards can be assigned to a schedule, daily/ weekly/ monthly/ list view is available etc.

Advanced Reporting
Advanced reporting capabilities available.

Multiple Access Levels
Ability to organize your account to branches & provide multiple users with their own credentials and respective access levels.

Custom Maps Upload
Ability to upload your own custom maps to the system and view your Guards actions on the Events Browser on top of your personal maps layers, thus having a much more personalized view.

Customized Translations
The system is already available in 18 languages; more languages or specific labeling (customized translation of QR-Patrol features) can be added easily.

Define their transmit range as you wish to, use automatic scanning. Using beacons as checkpoints is great for vehicle external patrols and armed patrols.

Multiple SOS Notifications
Choose between within-app SOS, External BLE SOS button, or MANDOWN with clip wearable; all types trigger 3ple notifications: web-app notification, email sending, SMSs.

Work Offline
In case there is no internet connection, Guards can continue their patrol normally and send any type of event – all data are stored locally within the phone app and will be submitted to the system with the correct information (timestamp, Guard position at the time of the event creation etc) once stable connectivity is found either via mobile data or Wi-Fi.
* SOS (as long as there exists GSM coverage) can trigger SMS alerts.

Indoor Location
Working underground or in a basement? Use beacons to overcome physical restrictions (areas with no GPS coverage) and accurately locate guards with precision better than GPS!

2Way Communication
Ability to send a message to your Guard(s) within the app.

Timeline tab: Instantly overview what’s done and what needs to be done (view all scans recently performed/ to be performed according to your schedules).
Pending Actions tab: items that are pending some action (i.e. a missed scan of a checkpoint) to allow you to control them and take action.

Be informed of whether a checkpoint is scanned by the Guard within its pre-defined area or not, so QR Codes cannot be copied.

Get informed of a Guard’s position without them needing to scan any tags/checkpoints.

End Client Log-in
Guarantee your services towards your clients! Provide your clients with their own credentials, to login and view events related to their sites in real time, 24/7!

Scheduled Client Email Reports
Automate the reporting process towards your clients. Customize the frequency to suit the client particular needs. Let them know they are protected at anytime!

QR-Patrol Architecture

Every necessary measure has been taken in order to ensure the safety of the system and our clients’ data;

  • Data are stored to our own servers
  • SSL encryption is used for all communication
  • Data are mirrored in more than 1 servers

All the necessary measures have also be taken in order to offer high availability of all services

How to Use

Follow 6 simple steps

Wide Range Application

Supervise all of your territories

Operational Diagrams

Below, we present few different operational diagrams types that show how the web application work in different industries, and from a different perspective each time.
The easiest way to present the structure of the web application, and what it offers, so that the prospective client understands how to operate it and how much information can be accessed and managed through only one platform.

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