QR-PTT Application

Easy push to talk notifications for your Lone Workers interactions

Instant communication with QR-PTT application!

QR-PTT – A push to talk app


Amazing features

Easy to use
User friendly interface with channel tree view and simple settings management.

SSL secure
Data is sent through encrypted SSL connection via a secure cloud server in reliable data storages.

Internet Communication
Working through 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi networks and talk across different countries.

Improved team efficiency
Group chat ability and auto-reconnect feature when Internet connection is lost.

Walkie-Talkie functionality
Use an Android smartphone to simulate Walkie-Talkie functionality.

Two-way communication
Listen to messages and talk to the group or privately in a simultaneous way.

QR-PTT Push To Talk is an easy to use PTT over IP client, developed for lone workers communication or other colleagues and co-workers interaction. It can be used by companies that need to be in constant communication with their employees, to give instructions, make comments, report incidents in real time by voice communication or by sending a text message within the application.

QR Push to Talk improves work communication and efficiency, reducing communication costs and minimizing communication deterioration. The workers can carry only one device and thus save the cost of purchasing traditional Walkie-Talkie devices and use only their smartphone for all of their working tasks.

Run in background
QR-PTT stays active in the background and listens even if the user is launching another application on his smartphone. So, there is the ability to multitask and listen to your channel simultaneously in real-time.

Totaly secure
QR-PTT enables communication via a secure SSL encrypted server connection. A 256-bit voice encryption and a server connection certificate is automatically generated

Interconnection with QR-Patrol
QR-Patrol system is a smart guard tour monitoring application which tracks guards and Lone Workers activities in real-time by sending advanced reporting incidents. QR-PTT can be used alongside QR-Patrol in order to bring your security services to the highest level. For more please visit http://www.qrpatrol.com/

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