QQrelocation™ is a business solution that provides a relevant analysis for all companies that operate in multiple managed locations distributed across the territory.

QQrelocation™ automatically proposes the quantities to be relocated in order to optimize the current stocking according to recent sales results.

Special situations of Out Of Stock and No Moving, which alter the parameters from which the calculation starts, are signaled (editable) through colors.

Both “to receive” and “to be” quantities are visually explicit:

You can optionally add a map view with two different colors for the “receive” and “give” quantities.

QQrelocation™ does not require the administration of a complex set of parameters. It is only necessary to define the global parameters:

In addition, QQrelocation™ offers an analysis of the number of sales and stock management on articles.

This tool allows analysis of policy coherence and product allocation in store stocks according to their profile, especially in situations where stores do not have a homogeneous allocation policy, but there are differences in the allocation of selective products to certain stores or types of stores.

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