QQcrm™ is an integrated system of operational planning, as well as tactical and strategic analysis of individual B2B commercial activities.

QQcrm™ allows preparing meetings with the customers by generating a meeting card. The sheet contains both previous details from the system and spaces to be filled in by meeting participants and then uploaded to the system for monitoring and analysis. In addition, the system continuously monitors the business relationship with each client based on a complex set of criteria (KPIs) and triggers alerts in situations of particular degradation, following the entire flow of planning and execution of the identified situations.

QQcrm™ generates periodic, tactical and strategic alerts on the degradation of current relationships with any regular clients and actively supports the tracking of these issues, through a workflow that provides:

On top of that, QQcrm™ offers management a “big picture” view, as well as detailed analytics of the timing, sizing, execution, quality and results of the entire process.

QQcrm™ integrates the use of QlikView™, with add-ons of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel, to provide a familiar work environement in gathering information and planning activities.



is an automated integration system, for analyzing and evaluating the client portfolio

it evaluates objectively and regularly the entire portfolio of clients, based on a unique set of rules

it adapts to the needs of management and employees

the assistant is proactive, creates alerts and supports an action plan

ensures asynchronous communication. It does not require permanent availability of data networks

works 24 hours a day, always executes alerts

easy to use

massively saves time for analysis, reporting and monitoring

it is flexible in terms of communication

strenghtens relevant information for further discussions with clients

allows further development

provides analysis of performance of system components and employees

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