BI Training

Do you need some advice or a BI implementation methodology? You don’t need to waste your time training the staff that will use the Business Intelligence systems implemented? 

We can be helpful. QQacademy started in 2006 and since then we have trained many huundreds of BI managers and experts.

Moreover, we have a strategic partnership with the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics within ASE Bucharest and we are involved every year in increasing the abilities of students in Business Intelligence through internship programs and participation in courses with the faculty team.

Over time, we have expanded the range of BI courses in the adjacent area: Mind Mapping, Essential Thinking Techniques, Planning and Budgeting, KPI Identification, etc.

For specific and specialized solutions from QQinfo, please visit the page: QQsolutions.

In order to be in touch with the latest news in the field, unique solutions explained, but also with our personal perspectives regarding the world of management, data and analytics, we recommend the QQblog.

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