Seeing Is Believing

The Seeing Is Believing concept, supported by Qlik and implemented by QQinfo, maximizes the chances of successful implementation of a BI platform, before committing any amount of money in the acquisition of user licenses, bringing the Beneficiary an extra confidence related to:

  • the capabilities of the consultants to complete the project
  • the team’s ability to understand the Beneficiary’s business model, terminology and concrete challenges, including the data landscape
  • technical, functional and ergonomic performance of the platform
  • solution-oriented approach
  • the possibility to test in real life, on your own real data, every day
  • adoption rate in the organization

If the project is considered a success, the further usage of the SIB solution provided involves only then contracting the subscription for licensing or hosting.

The pricing for SIB usually includes a 50% welcome discount rate !

During a SIB project we will deliver:

  • 2 Weeks of BI Consulting, including:
    • data connection (usually around a single set of facts tables) and extraction
    • preliminary data profiling and basic data quality audit
    • defining the final technical specification
    • reading and processing data
    • integration with QQvalidator for increased trust in valid reported values
    • implementation of the SIRQ engine from QQinfo, with which you can later extend the data set read ing and processing without the need of writing more Qlik code
    • at least 10 pages of interactive analytical interface. The total number of reports available exceeds 50 or even 100, depending directly on the complexity of the dimensional hierarchies with which it operates. 
      (A Data Quality audit page as well as a QQvalidator Dashboard will be included, for continuous monitoring of the correctness of the reporting figures, according to the required references.)
    • operational integration of the Qlik server with data sources and regular regeneration of to-date reports, including scheduled automatic data refresh 
    • dedicated induction in using the provided solution for key users 
    • enrollment of specific users and licensing set-up
  • One month free access to the Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS platform (Qlik Cloud)
    or one month of free licensing for Qlik Sense Enterprise Server Client Managed (On Premise / Private Cloud).
  • Basic user manual of the dedicated solution.

Prior to sign, we will have a set of pre-agreed deliverables after your specific, individual, system analysis, but we aim to deliver at least 10 pages full of interactive analytics.

In particular for companies where an essential factor of success is the detailed management of sales and sales margin (especially in retail and distribution), we recommend QQsales.margin package for the purpose of SIB.
(For more details click here).

For companies where financial management is at the forefront, we can start with a SIB in the area of profit and loss analytics (more details here:

If none of these starting points suits you, we will identify together the most suitable (other areas where we started collaborations with our partners: production/ operations/ HR/ logistics/ call center/ transport).

You can contact us at any time by email at, on our Facebook, LinkedIn pages, or on and we will promptly answer to your question, inquiries or concerns !

We are confident that upon the delivery of the SIB project, the WOW factor we deliver will be visible !

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