Valentin Mitrea – General Director, Smart Vending

It’s a real pleasure to work with a team of professionals who have taken all your worries about developing managerial analyzes. Now, sales, profitability or stock information are really at hand.

Analyzes developed by  QQinfo team have combined our previous computing and analysis models with their know-how, so we have now cut 90% of search and recalculation time for both me and our entire management team, central and regional government. We have more time for the real analysis and decision-making, a much broader perspective on the reality of our business, and I have also gained time for my family!

And since “lust comes eating”, after the first iterations, we contracted a regular BI outsourcing service: one day a week, one member of the QQinfo team is standing next to me to add to the Qlik™ – based management analysis system the new perspectives I need.

Following the new QQinfo analysis perspectives, we have made important decisions about spending control, which has led to a 50% drop. At the same time, following the reporting system built by QQinfo, we managed to track customer developments, generating revenue growth and averting possible revenue cuts. The result, of course, maximizing profits and, last but not least, access to otherwise impossible information.

Personally, now I consider that the BI built with QQinfo is indispensable for a mature IMM that wants to maintain a steady and solid profit growth.