Quick identification of relevant information about HR equipment and processes can be essential in organizations where the number of employees is already significant.

Beyond timekeeping and activity log, they can be explored and monitored, at any level of detail, aggregation, and representation:

  • seniority,
  • performance,
  • equipment,
  • qualification,
  • positioning,
  • current health,
  • but also training,
  • planning development programs,
  • level of involvement in non-curricular activities,
  • the content of the motivation package, (salary and extra-salary),
  • evaluation received and offered,
  • targets and bonuses,
  • but also, the total salary fund, or the total staff costs, including broken down by departments or individually (below some examples),
  • the number of subordinates,
  • average salary on employee,
  • and the hierarchical level.

In addition, important aspects within the Personnel / Human Resources department can be highlighted, such as:

  • number of vacancies,
  • the number and nature of sanctions,
  • prediction of leaving the work risks,
  • recruiters’ performance
  • the stage of recruitment processes,
  • the performance and budgets of the channels for promoting the available positions,
  • management quality assessment,
  • etc.

Also, with the help of QQhrman™ analyzes can be generated regarding the timesheets.
Here are some examples below.

And more details coming soon !

Even though people often consider themselves rational beings, there is ample evidence that confirms the importance of feelings, including those directly related to the senses, as being essential in our purchasing decisions.

Hence the increasingly complex needs to monitor the reality, perception, and impact of physical sensations of consumers.

There is a lot of market research related to sensations, senses, and their correlation with commercial results.

All are extremely important in creating a shopping experience:

  • The smell
  • Ambiental music
  • Color palette
  • Tactile sensations

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