QlikView™ Load Inline with another separator instead of comma

Did you know that you can insert cells containing comma directly from the load * inline command?

Appearance seems trivial at first glance, but because the comma is the standard delimiter of the command load inline it becomes even painful if in the defined columns we need formulas or lists that inherently contain commas for a purpose other than to delineate the loaded columns.

Here’s an example: we have a table with three columns: Instrument, Player and Project.

But, in the Project column, we need to bring all the projects, as a comma separated list and in the Player column, the list of all the interpreters is also separated with comma.

The solution is here:

Load * inline [
(delimiter is ‘|’);

And the result is:



PS: This also allows you to copy / paste data from a pipe (|) delimited CSV without replacing the semicolons manually in the inline command.

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