What’s New in Qlik Sense™ June 2017 !

Qlik™ introduces a continuous release for Qlik Sense™. Instead of Qlik Sense™ 4.0, the June version is simply called Qlik Sense™ June 2017!

Some of the most exciting improvements that are included in this release are:

Visual data preparation enhancements – a wide range of improvements to Qlik Sense™‘s visual data preparation capability include:

Visual Data Profiling – helps you to choose the distribution of data values in the data model;

Data Bucketing (or Binning) – alows you to group data values into “boxes” for an easier analysis using a visual interface;

Data Quality Transformations – allows you to set new values, to split rows into columns, or replace existing values;

Data Filtering – helps you to choose the subset of data you want to upload;

Visual Table Concatenation – allows you to visually add new data preparation visual interface, allowing them to be recognized and controlled.

Tables created by loading scripts can be synchronized with new data preparation visual interface, allowing them to be recognized and controlled.

Vizualizări noi – including Box Plot, DIstribution Plot ad Histograms.

New features are also available in the Colors and Dimensions section! You can now assign colors to the basic dimensions, making sure that same colors are used for your views sizes. 

You can also assign individual colors to the values of a dimension, making sure that the individual values are colored consistently between views when coloring after a dimension.     

The new Qlik Sense™ application for iOS is also introduced – the application is available on the download site, for customers and partners and only works with Qlik Sense™ Enterprise. Not available on the Apple App Store!

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