The new Qlik Sense™ (September 2017) is here!

Qlik™ has already used us with software releases 5 times a year, so with the coming of fall, the new version of Qlik Sense™ – Qlik Sense™ (September 2017) is here too, with many new features and more than 40 bugs resolved!

New features and capabilities are available for both Business Users, Administrators, and Developers. Here are, detailed, for each category mentioned, these new features:

Sequential operations in Data Manager

The new Data Manager improvements now allow you to perform sequential table and field transformations, although these transformations were limited in the past (the ability to apply a single transformation of the data card profile to a single field has been replaced with the use of data profiling cards, concatenation, calculated fields, all together).

Recent colors in the Color Picker

The Qlik Sense™ color selector now shows the latest 5 colors that have been selected.

Improvements to navigation and Usability of the Data Manager

In order to improve the user experience, among the data manager updates, we mention the repositioning of the Add data buttons and rethinking the application’s page, when no data is loaded.

A  new visualization: Waterfall Chart

The new Waterfall Chart helps illustrate how an initial value is affected by positive and negative intermediate values. The start and end values are full bars, while the intermediate values are illustrated by floating bars.

On-demand applications – easier to use

Users were given more control over on-demand applications, but also access to more information. From now on, the navigation point pane displays the number of rows selected and the constraints in the individual fields and the selection status for each constraint. Users have control over naming on-demand applications and can recharge on-demand applications based on current selections.

Improvement to the Pivot Table

There is now the possibility to expand and restrict all elements from a Pivot Table.

Qlik Sense™ Mobile App

Qlik Sense™ Mobile gives users secure connectivity to Qlik Sense™ Enterprise for iOS mobile devices, with the ability to download applications locally and use them even offline. Qlik Sense™ Mobile can be deployed and managed either using Enterprise Mobile (EMM) or using the Apple developer program.

Centralized logging

All nodes have direct access to a common database and to a file system with the introduction of shared persistence. The new Qlik™ logging service allows administrators to configure logs to be centralized by collecting messages and inserting them into a PostgreSQL database.

Indexing search in the background

Users can continue to search while the index is generated.

Hierarchical Data API

The new hierarchical data API defines the visual representation of data more closely. Benefits: Provides as little manipulation of the front end data structure and simplifies how to create charts.

Extension Certification Pilot

A new Qlik Sense™ extensions certification process has been added (currently is a limited pilot).

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