Visual Analytics for Central Administration

Following the recent contacts we had with the Romanian governmental environment, we had some changes of perspective regarding the way in which the IT solutions and concepts in the business can be used and bring added value in the space of the central and local administration.

A first direction that we experienced first hand was the challenge to consolidate the information coming from 8 different ministries, involved in the coordination and execution of the Integrated Program by 11 different ministries, for an entity in the structure of the Romanian Government.

Even we embraked on solving te problem on the fly, we had the chance, beyond solving the specific problem, (which we had addressed with the Business Intelligence platforms QlikView™ and Qlik Sense™), to gimpse a more general perspective of the governmental process, identifying some possible hotspots and ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the government action.

Possible challenges:

  1. In the initiation phase of a program/ project/ law/ strategy/ and so on, there are many ideas, coming from many directions (presidency/ government/ ministries/ parliament/ local administration/ NGOs/ press/ business environment/ international bodies).

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