Qlik™’s Fully Integrated AM and ML Capabilities

Fully integrated AI and ML path forward

Qlik™'s Fully Integrated AI and ML Capabilities

Qlik™ is delivering Deeper insights and data-driven decisions for all. In the following period, Qlik™ will start to present a video series focused on Qlik™’s strategy, capabilities, and direction for AI and ML, which we’ll also bring to you in our blog. Over the next several weeks you’ll learn about Qlik™’s unique approach to AI and ML, the broad range of capabilities for Augmented Analytics in Qlik Sense™, AutoML for Predictive Analytics, and Data Science Integration, and get a look at Qlik™’s future direction and what’s coming next.

In this first video, the overall approach to Qlik™ is presented, what makes it unique is discussed, and the end-to-end capabilities and benefits of Qlik™ are described that provide deeper, more meaningful and more accessible insight to all decision-makers, and speed up the time-to-value through automation.

Unlike other solutions, Qlik™ offers fully integrated AI and ML built into our platform as foundational services, not a “bolt-on” or one-size-fits-all approach. Qlik™ delivers a complete set of augmented capabilities, where we can “cross-pollenate” by leveraging ML-driven capabilities in Qlik Sense™ and Qlik Sense™ analytics in AutoML. 

The result is an end-to-end solution delivering the right experiences to users of all skill levels, helping them reach their full potential with data.

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In future videos we will present you a deeper look at some current and future capabilities unveiled at Qlik™ World.  This includes insight generation in Qlik Sense™ featuring Automated Insights and Natural Language, ML services with a preview of Key Driver Analysis, and Integrations with a look at Microsoft Teams Chat. We will also present information about AutoML and predictive analytics, including Qlik™’s approach as well as an overview of the predictive analytics life-cycle in Qlik™ AutoML, and resulting analysis in Qlik Sense™Stay tuned!

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