Easily Parse JSON Data Stored in a Field with from_field()

Easily Parse JSON Data Stored in a Field with from_field()

LOAD Statement

If you have data that contains important attributes formatted in Json stored in a data source field, you can use the from_field argument in the click script load statement to easily parse the field to create a new table with those attributes and values.

Simply load the field containing the Json string as you normally would.
Declare a new table and load statement loading all the fields using the from_filed argument specifying the previously loaded table and the field to parse and format specification.

Load the data and a new table containing those attributes and fields will be creatd ready to be used in your analytics.

For a brief demonstration, please click here: https://youtube.com/shorts/CN9po_z05Xo?feature=share!

In the video below, we also present you a simple example that works with flat json, meaning non-nested json hierarchies. However, you can use a combination of other functions like JSONGET() and JSONSET() to extract needed data. More examples on this to follow, so stay tuned!

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