KFactory is Expanding the Capabilities of Qlik™’s Augmented Analytics Platform

KFactory signs a partnership agreement with QQinfo to integrate the Qlik Sense platform

Bucharest, December 9, 2020 

KFactory, the first start-up Industry 4.0 funded in Romania that aims to innovate through digitization the entire production process, has signed a partnership agreement with QQinfo, for hosting and developing managerial analysis for production companies in the portfolio, integrating in its offer and analytical capabilities of the Qlik Sense business intelligence platform.

Benefiting from the support of the associative and cognitive technologies of the Qlik Sense™ platform, and the technical support of QQinfo, KFactory already offers its customers the first visual, intuitive and interactive analyzes of the latest generation, which can immediately highlight the performance, exceptions, productivity and efficiency of production processes of the KFactory solution, both from an operational perspective in the short term and from a medium and long term perspective, which brings additional decision support and exception management both from the direct perspective of production and quality management and from the auxiliary perspective, but extremely important to provide the maintenance at the maximum quality.

In addition to the value it has as a product itself for the manufacturing industry, KFactory continues to implement the strategy of including the best technologies in its service. Qlik™, the leader of the business intelligence market, is now part of the KFactory service with the support of QQinfo, allowing the realization of complex analyzes at operational level in manufacturing.


Adrian Dima
co-fondator KFactory

I am very happy that I have finally found a valuable partner in Romania involved in the area of computerization of production capacities, a partner through which we can bring relevant added value to an essential part of the Romanian economy. I am convinced that the mix of know-how of our companies, superimposed over the extraordinary capabilities of Qlik™, will lead to a significant increase of the main performance indicators of the companies in the productive sector that will adopt KFactory solutions. The roadmap of analytical solutions we are considering is extremely tender, because the integration with Qlik Sense™ opens us access to a whole range of capabilities that will provide the integration of human decision-making and analysis with the top technologies in the Data Science area, AI and ML. We are already on the road to Augmented Intelligence (AI 2.0).

logo letter QQinfo

Cotiso Hanganu Managing Partner QQinfo

About KFactory

KFactory is the first Industry 4.0 funded startup in Romania, which innovates the manufacturing industry and optimizes a specific core process in all sectors – production line performance management – the most important issue for executives in the manufacturing industry. KFactory integrates new technologies such as IIoT and Machine Learning into the manufacturing process, transforming a classic process into a new one, in which industrial equipment, controls, operators and support teams are actors in a well-orchestrated digital process, offering in at the same time an affordable monthly subscription model (SaaS).

KFactory has a territorial presence both in Romania and internationally, in Portugal, in the short-term development strategy considering the increase of the international presence by opening new branches in Spain, France and Germany.


About QQinfo

Q&Q Info Consult is an implementer and developer of business software solutions that has been refreshing the market for 15 years with a user-friendly interface and a deeply integrative structured approach. Our goal is to optimize operations and profitability by creating significant added value, regardless of the size of the companies we serve, the industry in question or the departments to which we provide decision-making and operational support.

The portfolio of happy beneficiaries who benefited from the Qlik™ platform and QQinfo solutions and services includes over 200 companies, including top Romanian companies (Aquila, Autoklass, Emag, Farmexim, Help Net, Interbrands, Network One Distribution, Rompetrol, Romstal , Superbet, Smart Balance, VelPitar), but also prestigious institutions, such as the General Inspectorate of Border Police and the Special Telecommunications Service.

QQinfo has been the organizer of QQacademy since 2006, an educational event that offers innovative perspectives in the development and use of top decision support tools.


About Qlik™

Qlik™’s vision is a data-literate world, where everyone can use data and analytics to improve decision-making and solve their most challenging problems. Qlik™ provides an end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics cloud platform to close the gaps between data, insights and action. By transforming data into Active Intelligence, businesses can drive better decisions, improve revenue and profitability, and optimize customer relationships. Qlik™ does business in more than 100 countries and serves over 50,000 customers around the world.