BI Outsourcing

28 Arguments for which

makes sense!

Outsourcing BI services is a “hassle-free” solution, in which QQinfo takes over all the activities related to BI of your organization, within a team that covers and serves all the needs of analysis, strategy, support, administration, monitoring, development and BI innovation!
The concept of outsourcing IT or other services is already several decades old. And the debate over whether or not it makes sense is not over yet. However, given the current shortage in the local and international market of BI personnel, overlapping with the ever-increasing volume and volatility of today’s markets and behaviors, the idea of resorting to an outsourcing approach to smart business services, it even has a whole lot of arguments in its favor.
Below is a list of these arguments, which you can explore and evaluate to decide if outsourcing your BI to a dedicated team really brings real added value to your business.

1. Fast Start

The beneficiary saves the search and training costs of the new consultant, plus the slow start. Otherwise the consultant must also understand the business and learn the BI platform (Qlik™ in our case)!

2. Free Breaks

The beneficiary pays for the hours actually worked in his favor, without being billed for BI consultants’ breaks.

3. Postponement of Unused Hours

Depending on the volume of services contracted, we can agree subscriptions with the transfer of unused hours in one month, for the next month.

4. Proactive Monitoring and Intervention 

If problems occur, QQinfo Team can intervene immediately to diagnose and solve the problem in the system, even before the business beneficiaries feel the effects of that problem. To this end, we have prepared a series of tools for monitoring data quality and processing.

5. Administration of Users, Applications and Specific Rights

QQinfo Team offers an extensive package of remote or location management services, which allows not only simple administration of users and applications, but also mechanisms for fine control of access rights (with filtering not only on applications, but also horizontally and vertical data tables, or at certain sensitive interfaces). In addition, we also have seccurity audit tools and procedures in place for added security.

6. Continuous Monitoring of the Loading Degree and the Processing and Response Times of the BI Platform, as Premises for the Best Performance

When processing performance and response to management queries become critical, we can add dedicated optimization, monitoring, alerting, and intervention services to ensure the minimum waiting time in any of the situations.

7. Fixed or Variable Budget, as Needed

If an exact control of the budget consumed by the BI team is desired, settlement in fixed monthly installments may be agreed, including with a certain flexibility in the consumption of hours, depending on the peak need that occur during the contract (similar to carrying over unused minutes from mobile phone companies).

8. Flexible and / or Seasonal Subscriptions 

QQinfo offers a flexible subscription options. A full-time, fractional, or supra-unit volume of permanent services can be defined, but a mixed approach can also be chosen, depending on the seasonality of needs.

9. Continuity Plan

In case of the leaving of our consultant, all the cost and effort of finding and replacing the BI consultant is no longer in the care of the Beneficiary, but ours.
In this cost and effort are included:
  • looking for a new staff,
  • induction and training for the new employee,
  • payment of the time for teaching the know-how and details of a replacement consultant (for both consultants).

10. Holiday Plan

The beneficiary does not pay the “salary” of the BI consultant who is on holiday.
And if necessary, we provide a “replacement”colleague on holiday, at the same preferential rate.

11. Free BI Back Office Support

QQinfo provides free support to the BI team in line 1, to solve more complicated issues that require consultation with oher Qlik™ specialists.

12. Free BI Quality Assurance

QQinfo ensures the delivery of BI services to a certain predetermined quality. This default quality can include:
  • documentation and/ or contextual help for users,
  • architectural documentation,
  • documenting and structuring developments,
  • certain performance and/ or availability criteria of the BI applications and platform

13. Free Data Quality Tool*(new)

QQdata.quality.auditor allows continuous monitoring of data quality from several perspectives, both at the level of data sources and post-processed information in Qlik™.

14. Free Data Validation Tool*(new)

The new QQvalidator application allows continuous monitoring of business data validation rules (static, versus control or dynamic data), at the primary raw level, or at any intermediate or final level of procesing in Qlik™.

15. Free Reload Process Monitor Tool**(soon)

QQprocess.monitor allows you to track in a central dashboard all data reloading processes (including intra-day or incremental) and quickly identify situations that require the intervention of the support team. Includes intuitive network diagram views that can intuitively visualize complex processes, including status, processing times, and volumes of data ingested.

16. Free BI Continuous Staff Development

QQinfo ensures the continuous development of the BI team in line 1 throught the continuous development program designed by QQinfo.

17. Free Access to QQsolutions, QQtools & QQcomponents


QQinfo provides free access to BI team from the line 1, to the set of analysis models developed by QQinfo, (including examples and prototypes, but also connections to known databases, including MS Dynamics AX 2012 or SAP), both to these in the current portfolio, as well as future ones (during the SSOBI delivery period).

18. Free Basic Issues Tracking 

QQinfo provides free tracking of problems for the requests came from users (at the basic level).

19. Free Basic Time & Project Mangement

QQinfo provides free time tracking and project management (at basic level) for the activity carried out.

20. Free Basic BI Management

QQinfo provides free basic time management for the activity carried out and the team involved.

21. Free BI Team Hosting

QQinfo takes over for free, if necessary, the hosting of the BI team from line 1 in its own space, including the space for collaborative meetings.

22. Bonus : Free Audit & Tuning

For certain volumes and deadlines committed, QQinfo offers free audit and tuning services (SSAA and SSAT) of certain budgets .

23. Optional Issue Prioritizing

QQinfo provides (for a fee) prioritization of serving requests came from users of your organization and direct management of BI staff in line 1.

24. Optional Peak Request & Frozen tariff

QQinfo provides (for a fee) the coverage of the beneficiary’s BI service peaks, at the tariff specified in the contract.

25. Full, Optional, Fast Engagement

QQinfo provides (for a fee), with a fast initialization, and at preferential rates, services of:
  • BI Architecture Consulting,
  • BI Business Analysis,
  • Advanced BI Project Management.

26. Optional Data Governance, Including Analysis and Processing for GDPR Anonymization

QQinfo provides (for a fee), data governance services. In the context of GDPR, we offer tools and algorithms for identifying and anonymizing personal information, in reversible or irreversible variants, to truly provide privacy by design over sensitive information. At the same time, however, we ensure the consistency of the database and implicity of the resulting analyzes.

27. Optional Strategic BI Consultancy

QQinfo provides (for a fee), consulting services in identifying business value, created by developing dedicated analytics.
We have encountered many situations in which a simple discussion with the management offered a new perspective, and from this resulted new approaches and initiatives, spectacular and valuable for the Beneficiary.

28. Optional Data Literacy Training

QQinfo provides (for a fee) Data Literacy courses, which add additional skills in understanding, identifying and using basic and advanced managerial analysis, both at the top management level and at the middle management or analysis and execution levels.
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