Webhook Filters, Multi-sheet Subscriptions and more!

Webhook Filters, Multi-sheet Subscriptions and more!

Qlik™ has enabled all Qlik™ Application Automation users to trigger workflows through Qlik™ Cloud Services webhooks with a finer level of control. In addition, there is a new connector for Microsoft SharePoint, which provides another cloud storage option for workflow integration and file management.

With Qlik™ self-service subscription reporting, you can schedule delivery of your most important documents directly to your inbox – now with the ability to add more sheets to your subscription.

In Qlik Sense™ Mobile , flip-chart capability has been added to the tables, allowing for better visibility of underlying data. Users can see the precise values of each portion of the chart – the table is optimized for performance – it loads data super fast with infinite scrolling.

  • Webhooks for ALL users in Qlik™ Application Automation și Qlik™ Cloud Services Webhook Filters
  • Multi-sheet subscriptions
  • Sharepoint Connector in Qlik™ Application Automation
  • Go from chart to table – Qlik Sense™ Mobile

    For a brief demo, please watch the video below!

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