We are preparing a new QQacademy session soon!

Good news for Qlik™ enthuziasts!

Due to the success achieved with the new thematic approach QlikView™ vs. Qlik Sense™, we decided to resume Qlik interactive courses in the same unique way and intend to organize a new QQacademy session in MARCH.

 We remind you that a QQacademy session consists of 3 modules, as follows:

QDSA – Qlik™ Developer Scripting and Administration – we recommend the QDSA mode to the technical staff who will ensure the implementation and maintenance of Qlik platforms within their own company or within the client-company.

QLD – Qlik™ Layout Designer – this module is useful in streamlining workflow and simplifying medium&long-term reporting processes in your own companies or client-companies.

We recommend this module to:

– SAOAIF – Set Analysis and Other Advanced Interface Functionalities– module recommended for advanced users (experienced Qlik™ Developers, BI Managers, Qlik™ analysts)

Each module consists of 2 days of training. Participation of a 1 day course involves an investment of 260 EUR + VAT.The investment includes course participation, course support (print and electronic format), end-of-course assessment, graduation diploma (s), lunch and snacks, along with refreshments at the beginning of each session and during breaks.

To apply online fill out the registration form.  You can also contact us via e-mail at this e-mail address: office@qqinfo.ro.

What’s new in this Qlik™ training session? A NEW ADMINISTRATION COURSE (more details coming soon).

What benefits bring you on attending this course?

If you are interested, please contact us to get on the list and ensure you a place in the QQacademy session that starts soon!

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