The Qlik Sense™ November 2018 release is here!

November is full with exciting news about Qlik™! The latest one is the release of Qlik Sense™ November 2018. This new release introduces a new AI capability-cognitive machine learning. Qlik™ is leading the market with precedent-based learning capabilities, allowing the Cognitive Engine to get “smarter” over time, based on feedback and user behavior, business rules definitions and other sources as well. 

The Insight Advisor was also enhanced to add light authoring capabilities, by giving users greater flexibility and control to customize insight suggestions.

Advancements to Augmented Intelligence

Precedent based learning

Qlik Sense™ November 2018 is introducing Machine Learning with precedent learning capabilities, using information form users’ interaction with the product.

Insight advisor light authoring

This capability lets users change the suggested visualizations and analytics offered by the cognitive engine, having greater control and flexibility when discovering insights.

New advanced authoring features

Alternate states

This feature allows to create visualizations for comparative analysis – based on a state other than the default selection date. Alternate states are a new type of master item and they can be applied on sheets of visualizations objects (using the alternate state option – you can find it under Appearance).

This feature can help you make different selections on the same dimension and then compare them in a single, or two visualizations side by side.

Using Set Analysis you can alternate state on an expression, allowing complex comparative analysis.

Exposed Set Analysis

It makes it easier for developers to create expressions with the correct Set Analysis syntax.

Set expression in the expression editor dialog has been improved as well.

Single selection in fields

The new Qlik Sense™ field settings allows developers to enable the “always one selected value” for a particular field. This ability can be used in applications that require better control from conditions in expressions, localization requirements and so on.

Fully supported Dashboard Extension bundle

The November version of Qlik Sense™ is introducing extension bundling. This Dashboard extension bundle can be installed with Qlik Sense™, but users can choose to opt out for this option if they want to.

The objects included in this bundle were previously available as extensions on Qlik™ Branch, but now, they are part of the Qlik™ offering and so the quality and performance for these objects are ensured.

The Dashboard bundle includes:

New ways to collaborate

Sharable Qlik Sense chart links

You can share chart links with custom selection states – you can share initial insights and gather further analysis quickly. This feature is currently available only in Qlik Cloud Services™ and Qlik Sense Enterprise™ for elastic deployments.

Advancemens in Visualizations and Mapping

New map chart layer

A new map chart layer is now available for displaying pie or bar charts on top of a map to illustrate distribution of values of multiple types.

Improved pie chart

Pie charts can support now a second measure to display multiple values in the outer radius (the visualization is also known as rose chart).

Outline opacity setting

Can now be applied with a slider for increased readability, particularity with small features.

Further advancements in tile map services

Further advanced in tie map services, such as Bing Maps, are supported now by the map chart background layer.

Improved Management

Import Export App enhancements

This gives the user the ability to import and export apps with or without data out of the QMC.

Multi-Cloud Developments

This offers now simplified configuration options using self-signed JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) – components can be connected without requiring specific features of an IdP.

Qlik Cloud Services™ can integrate with ADFS as the providers allow customers with Active Directory infrastructure to authenticate their users.


There are accessible list boxes, keyboard navigation and scrren reader capabilities for list box access.

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