QQcash.opti – cash-flow projections plus optimization of the payment delays for minimized risk and cost of delays

We’ve recently developed (using QlikView™), a new tool, that we called QQcash.opti™, that starts from the cash-flow projections and goes beyond, optimizing the payment delays for minimized risk and cost of delays.

It starts working when the cash flow prediction is showing you will go in red with the closing balance of your bank accounts.

Since we haven’t seen any such solution on the market, we thought we should send a message on this matter, perhaps somebody needs it, or can direct us towards other similar solutions available worldwide.

The current tool we have is modeling quite a few situations, including critical payments, risks of penalty and so on.

The tough part we’ve faced has been to create a QV script that does process the whole database of receivables and payables all together, so that performance is outstanding, regardless the number of transactions considered.

Here are some screenshots of the interface within a simple situation, so that is easier to understand what we’ve created. (The first date can be considered as yesterday, with the current closing balance.)

1. The original status with negative balance on 2nd and 3rd of March:

2. The new proposal with delays of payments so that no negative balance is predicted any more:

3. Last but not least, the list of proposed delays:

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