PRO•TV analysis audience and business performance with QlikView™

After careful evaluation of the technical and operational capabilities of the QlikView™ platform, PRO•TV decided to use the BI platform promoted by QQinfo on the Romanian market.

The usage assimilation of the platform by the PRO•TV organization took place gradually, both from the point of view of the data areas used for analysis and in terms of the served hierarchical levels.

”We chose to work with Q&Q Info Consult SRL due to the reputation and seriousness we have identified as a result of the market analysis, as well as the reporting modeling solutions proposed even before contracting. After successful completion of the first phase of the project developed by QQinfo, we decided to expand QlikView™ use from the analysts team to the management team as well. Thus, besides the great flexibility and ease of usage offered by the QlikView™ platform, we have acquired a relevant and immediate added value for the management: time saving and decision support for better and timely decisions."
Adrian Trâncă
Director IT, PRO•TV
”We are honored by the choice PRO•TV did towards the superior data capitalizing available by the reception, processing and intuitive visualization capabilities that QlikView™ offers.”
Cotiso Hanganu
Managing Partner, Q and Q INFO CONSULT
"By using the analyzes made in Qlik™, I was able to highlight viewing and purchasing habits, finer segments of viewers and consumers, and hence, to adjust where needed, commercial and program policies. Operational net result at the end of the day: an increase in efficiency of 150%."
Laurențiu Gheorghiu
Advertising Trafic Manager, PRO•TV

PRO•TV team capitalized QlikView™ ’s analysis and visualization capabilities both in competition bench-marking of sales and audience performances, as in the area of traffic and online media consumption monitoring and analysis through the Voyo platform.

About PRO•TV:

Launched in December 1995, PRO•TV, part of the CME international media and entertainment group, is the audience leader on the Romanian television market.

Having as target adults aged between 18 and 49 years, from urban areas, PRO•TV has a varied program schedule, which includes top international films and series, as well as a variety of local productions – news show entertainment and fiction programs.

The main programs of the station – PRO•TV news, Romania, I love you!, Romanians have talent, The Voice of Romania, Masterchef, Las fierbinți, Visuri la Cheie – lead in the Romanians’ preferences, as confirmed by the 2014 general audiences.

About QQinfo:

QQinfo (Q&Q Info Consult SRL) offers since 2005 high-class consultancy services in Business Intelligence (BI) and Operational Intelligence (OI) mainly by exploiting the capabilities of the QlikView™ platform. Through its team of consultants, QQinfo has provided and continues to provide personalized services to companies for the development of relevant and effective managerial and operational analysis, focusing on QlikView™ ’s intrinsic ease of navigation efficiency, combined with the consultants team’s advanced modelling and processing capabilities.

The company provides, in conjunction with these services, QlikView™ licenses, Qlik™ support and audit services, in-house and open-house training services, unique in Romania, as well as integration and development services of data collection platforms adjacent to analysis and reporting systems based on various technologies, both commercial (especially Microsoft, as MAPS Partner), as open-source.

The portfolio of beneficiaries served by QQinfo has so far exceeded the 100 organizations (Romanian and foreign) threshold, here being included both multinational corporations (Vodafone, Mars, Den Braven, Strauss, British American Tobacco, Jean Christoff, Deutsche Bahn – Schenker), local groups, indigenous or taken (Țiriac, Farmexim, Vel Pitar, Rompetrol, Romtelecom), varied sized companies, ranging from market leaders to start-up entrepreneurship (Helpnet, Emag, Network One Distribution, Altex, Interbrands, Flanco, Scandia, Dunapack Rambox, E-boda, GFR, SoceanIQ, Maiserv, etc.), as well as state owned institutions or companies (Hidroelectrica, The Border Police, Tarom, The Romanian Naval Agency, municipalities and county councils).

From the challenges encountered and the solutions implemented to our customers, the QQinfo  specialists have developed a number of unique software products, that offer innovative and versatile solutions to specific problems:

  • QQbanking – automatic and semi-automatic consolidation of multiple bank and account statements, both from the balances point of view, as from that of the operations;
  • QQcash flow optim – operational projections monitoring (bottom-up) of future financial and of prioritized payments planning flows;
  • QQpromo – promotions planning, approval and monitoring within the distribution channels, especially in the International Key Account area;
  • QQcrm – generating tactical and strategic alerts and monitoring their solving in the relationships with regular customers;
  • QQvendor reporting – automating the reporting to vendors processes.

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