The national leader in IT&C equipment distribution continuously invests in the QlikView™ platform

The implementation of the QlikView™ analysis and reporting (Business Intelligence) Platform for Network One Distribution (NOD), started in 2009, by using as the main data source the Optimus ERP.

„We chose to work with Q&Q Info Consult SRL because of the modeling capabilities they showed even before the contracting phase. We successfully completed within a very short period of time the first phase and thus we benefited beyond OlikView™’s platform special flexibility and ease of use, an immediately relevant plus value.”
Răzvan Ziemba
General Manager, NOD
„NOD’s choice to use the Qlik™ platform was somewhat natural, given the usual degree of “pleasant habit” that Qlik™ generates its users. Most managers who received Qlik™ in an organization are very determined to continue using Qlik™ in any new organization they will be part of. And usually, sooner or later, even manage to convince the new organization to adopt the Qlik™ platform.”
Cotiso Hanganu

During the 5 years of collaboration, QQinfo developed for NOD sales and inventory monitoring analysis, slow-moving and Out-Of-Stock alerts analysis, as well as supply or customer balances analysis, as well as stocks and client balances analysis. 

QQinfo developed and implemented, also for compensating the lack of this information in the beneficiary’s ERP, re-pairing algorithms of sales with goods inputs or recalculation algorithms of stocks seniority and of seniority in the selling moment.

Recently, for NOD were developed the following:

During this partnership, NOD received prompt and professional services not only during the project’s implementation, but also in the post-development phase, especially by the tutoring type assistance. In addition, in some situations the collaboration with QQinfo allowed NOD to overcome significant technical obstacles and to achieve its management and decision support systems analysis streamline objectives.

The QlikView configuration within NOD currently serves tens of users and provides offline work options for some of the managers.

„(QlikView™) Is the software tool that I would not change with anything else! It gives me an immediate access to the big picture or to the details I need.”
Răzvan Ziemba
General Manager, NOD

About NOD:

Network One Distribution is one of the most powerful groups in the IT industry in Romania, currently being a top player on the IT&C distribution market.

The approach we develop is based on the broad line distribution concept, which translates to the replacement of a complete range of components, peripherals and accessories necessary for equipping and good operation of any computer or office.

Out of the direct distribution partnerships signed by NOD with key names in this area we include: Microsoft, Dell, HP, Intel, Seagate, Western Digital, etc.


About QQinfo:

QQinfo (Q&Q Info Consult SRL) offers since 2005 high-class consultancy services in Business Intelligence (BI) and Operational Intelligence (OI) mainly by exploiting the capabilities of the QlikView platform.

Through its team of consultants, QQinfo has provided and continues to provide personalized services to companies for the development of relevant and effective managerial and operational analysis, focusing on Qlik’s intrinsic ease of navigation efficiency, combined with the consultants team’s advanced modelling and processing capabilities.

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