QQinfo face to face with Qlik Sense™ 2.0

Recently, QQteam had the opportunity to attend the Qlik Sense™ presentation organized by Qlik™ for its Romanian partners, and during the presentation we had the joy to really discover Qlik Sense™ 2, the new version of the new Qlik™ product.

For the more active way, you have here a more dynamic presentation of only 90 secconds:

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Compared with QlikView™Qlik Sense™, that is now with version 2.0, finally at it’s first maturity (after my personal opinion), is really made for the “curious managers”, by offering a simplified and assisted accessibility at the data sources, plus a rapid, simplified but powerful design of the reporting interfaces, an increased portability of the already known Qlik™ functionalities from mobile devices, as well as the opening towards new ways of sharing and delivering.

Here we pointed out some really important elements, ordered by their importance:

A. Data connectivity.

1. Smart Data Load – evolved interconnecting multiple source data assistant.

2. New Data Connectors (no more OLEDB or ODBC to be installed for accessing relational databases).

3. Data Market (direct access, partially free, at relevant data, at least in part, even for Romania!).

B. Data connectivity.

1. Smart Visual Data Compression (Density Scattered Plot).

2. Right away PDF export.

3. Qlik™ Cloud.

And many other interface enhancements and refinements:

C. In addition Qlik Sense™ brings some immediate benefits, since its first version, that are worth now, once more, to be highlighted.

1. Story telling ( with direct and dynamic access to source plots).

Qlik Sense™ (2.0) is focused on data and on the way in which these can be easily accessed and used, anytime and from any device. It offers both the access to new data sources, as new ways of integrating and preparing the data, plus new ways for big data sets visual presentation and sharing.

You can explore the kit for free by downloading it from here.

If you want to find out more details about how your organization can benefit fromQlik Sense™ 2.0, contact us at:


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