Gartner Analytics Bake Off 2023

ChatGPT Integration

Qlik™ was selected to participate in the 2023 Gartner Modern Analytics and BI Bake-Off. This is Qlik™’s 9th year in a row with involvement reserved for BI vendors distinguished as leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics.

Qlik™ representatives presented live for the North American event in Orlando and they be showcasing Qlik™ solution in London for the EMEA Summit May 21st. Rocco Pecora is leading the showcase for both events.

The Bake-Off process followed the same format as previous years, with vendors showcasing a range of capabilities to provide a side-by-side view of their differences and strengths, based on a common data set and brief. This year’s dataset came from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and any additional data sets to expand the value of insights around flooding and its impact.

These datasets included global weather station data, global and regional flooding metrics, and the effects of flooding through extreme weather events. This year, Rocco Pecora showcased Qlik™ Cloud through the entire presentation and demonstrated a range of integrated and bundled capabilities on Qlik™ SaaS platform, including: Data Integration, Data Catalog’s Lineage and Impact Analysis Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Generation (NLG) Direct Query and On Demand App Generation into in-memory Qlik™ AutoML for predictive modelling Insight Advisor and Analysis Types Application Automation for reporting Self-Service dashboard creation ChatGPT integrated across the development and discovery lifecycle.

 Qlik™ presented a variety of solutions within around flooding such as a Direct Query application drilling down from a big data set of global weather station data (700 million+ rows), a real-time flood gauge dashboard across the US, and a Hurricane Response app designed for a federal agency to direct state and local municipalities in preparation of a large weather event. The hurricane response app used AutoML to predict the wind speeds and leveraged application automation to distribute an Evacuation and Hospital Impact report for multiple states and provided reports to both internal and external users. Qlik™ also integrated ChatGPT into the Cool & Innovation section.

Qlik™ integrated ChatGPT across multiple areas of the development and data discovery lifecycle. ChatGPT first would fetch data for the Top 10 agricultural disasters by country, date, damages in USD and disaster type and load that as a dataset to be used for analysis.

Qlik™ also used ChatGPT to offer a description of that datasets, it would write set analysis syntax for the user to enable metric building, and also prescribe the best analysis types within Insight Advisor and finally it would offer background information on the analysis.

Qlik™ utilized their open web-based APIs to integrate with the trendy AI tool and displays Qlik™ Cloud’s robust API library to easily plug-in to emerging technologies. During the demo Qlik™ uncovered some great data stories and insights related to the agricultural value of crops and populations exposed to flooding: In the US alone, there’s $367 billion in agricultural commodities at risk to flooding in the US alone. There have been 338 weather events that have created over an excess of 1 billion dollars (USD) of damage, totaling to $24 trillion in damages altogether and averaging $71 billion of damages per weather event. For most coastal countries, climate change and flooding are critical topics of policy and development strategies. A large part of under-developed Asian countries ranging from Bangladesh to Vietnam are at high risk of flooding events.

It’s always a pleasure showcasing Qlik™’s ability to produce real-life solutions to help analyze flooding, its impact, and highlighting the power of our end-to-end platform.

To learn more about Qlik™’s entry at the Bake Off, watch the video below!

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          00:00 – Introduction
          01:03 – Section 1: Data Preparation
          06:03 – Section 2: Data Analytics/ Visualization
          11:14 – Section 3: Sharing Insights
          14:52 – Section 4: Innovation with ChatGPT integration

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