Cyclic Group Dimensions in Qlik™

Cyclic Group Dimensions in Qlik™

This week a new Dimension type for Master Item Dimensions is available, Cyclic groups. You all know that Master Items offer a centralized, reusable governed library of measures, expressions, visualizations and both single and drill able dimensions. Now with Cyclic group defined dimensions, you can dynamically cycle through dimensions in every chart, at the same time using a click of a button or simple selection. Offering new ways to analyze data, save precious screen space and enable multiple use cases on a single chart. 

When defining your dimensions in the master items library, choose the Cyclic radio button and select the field names you want to use as part of the Cyclic group. In your chart choose the Cyclic field you defined as your dimension and you can now easily change the field with the chart axis drop down or even define a custom button to step forward or backward through the Cyclic group.

For a brief demonstration, please watch the video below!

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