A New QQacademy Open House Session in March in Bucharest !

Dear Partners,

We are pleased to announce the organization of a new QQacademy session in Bucharest, which will deliver workshops for development, design and administration of the Qlik™ Business Intelligence platform.

In this session we will have 3 tecnical courses with the following topics:
March, 23-24 – Qlik Developer Scripting and Administration (QDSA)
March, 27-28 – Qlik Layout Designer (QLD)
March 30-31 – Qlik Advanced Analytics (SAOAIF) – Set Analysis & Other Advanced Interface Functionalities)

In the first 2 parts of the program we will develop together, from the beginning, a visual analysis application. More exactly:
– in QDSA we will connect to several different data sets and prepare the information base of the visualization, thus learning the essential elemens of conneting Qlik™ to data sources,
– and in QLD we will build interface over the data brought in within QDSA, according to the project requirements, exploring the possible visualization options, in suitable contexts of use.

More details about the QQacademy program you can find here.

Our instructor, Cotiso Hanganu, has 16 years of experience in developing and using Qlik™ solutions, has been involved in the development of over 100 projects and is the only instructor trained by Qlik™ in Romania, with several hundred people trained in over 30 sessions of QQacademy worrkshops about Qlik.

For registrations, you can contact us by e-mail, phone, or using the registration form here.

Participation in the course involves paying the participation fee before the start of the course.

Limited number of seats.

The registration is considered completed in the order of payment of the participation fee.

We are waiting for you at the spring session of QQacademy Romania !

Sempre fi,

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