Qlik™ Web Connectors – a portfolio of free solutions to read data from well known web services in the internet

After the recent acquisition of Industrial Codebox (the authors of QvSource package) by Qlik™, here it is free bonus recently exposed by Qlik™ to the public:

A set of free web services connectors that can be used both with QlikView™ (from  v10 to v12)  and Qlik Sense™ (from v1 to v3).

What is this useful for ?

These connectors can open to your own visual analytics a pretty impressive set of nowadays public information from the internet (both to QlikView™ and Qlik Sense™ business intelligence platforms!)

What data sources can be accessed ?

  • Facebook (2 options Insights and Fan Pages);
  • Twitter;
  • Google Drive, also DropBox;
  • Google (AdSense, AdWords, Analytics, BigQuery, Calendar);
  • YouTube(2 options , incl. Analytics);
  • MailChimp;
  • SugarCRM;
  • MongoDB;
  • etc.

Where are they ?
In order to start the ZIP file download, just press the green button Visit Partner Site.

How it’s made ?
The easiest way ot read internet data is explained (in 2 minutes tutorial ) here:

For the usage of the new connectors (ex. Qv Source) we haven’t found yet a viable tutorial , so you can either try by yourself, or wait until ourselves or other Qlik-ers publish such a tutorial.

But we recommend this initial exploration from a fellow Qlik blogger we really appreciate, Steve Dark.

Since we have covered the subject of reading data from internet , we recommend you also this 5 tutorials series from  Qlik™ on using the REST protocol (both in Qlik Sense™ and QlikView™) :

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Waiting for your comments and questions  !


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