“Magnetic” news & more from Qlik Sense™ 3.0 !

At end of June, Qlik™ launched the latest Qlik Sense™ version, namely 3.0. Here are some of the features that we’ve enjoyed discovering:

1. Data Connection and prep-processing

Associative Data Modeling

The data connecting engine makes all the process much easier, especially for multi-table data sources.

The interface for data associations is now visually interactive, with “magnetic”properties.There are aslo improvements in data preparation algorhytm.

Easier to build compound keys

Check out how easy is now to create compound keys in Qlik Sense™ 3.0

Map data points are now easier to be created

The Qlik Sense™ 2.2 option to visualize mixed BI & GIS data is now even better !o more extra script required to convert GIS coordinates in map data points. Qlik Sense™ 3.0 interprets automatically the pairs of GIS data.

No more extra script required to convert GIS coordinates in map data points. Qlik Sense™ 3.0 interprets automatically the pairs of GIS data.

2. New options for vizualization

Extended search in object vizualization metadata

The global search can nou search also within the titles or other metadata of the vizualization objects within Qlik Sense™ 3.0.

Dynamic timeline graphics

Based on the automatic data dimensions generation (since Qlik Sense™ 2.2), the new Line Charts in Qlik Sense™ 3.0 scale automatically on temporal dimension, simplifying the interface construction process.

Easy Widgets construction

Within the new DEV HUB there are new options, so interactive and dynamic visual objects can be easily developed and deployed.

The official Video with What’s new Qlik Sense™ 3.0.

There are also other improvements following the ones from Qlik Sense™ 2.2, such as: expression editor, new APIs for visualization and integration, imporved trights governance in client-server deployments.

Let us know what your favorite Qlik Sense™ 3.0 improvement is, either in the comments below, or on our Facebook page ! 

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