The New Data Preparation Script Object and Editor in Qlik™

Starting this week business specialists can use a new separate script editor and script object to prepare data for Qlik™ Analytics apps – managed as an individual object within the Qlik™ Catalog.

When joining transforming and preparing data for Qlik™ apps it is common to create a standalone Qlik Sense™ app without any sheets or visualizations usually when storing data to qvd files or other file data formats that your apps may use.

Now, you can create a brand new separate script object managed in the Qlik™ Hub with a brand new script editor, offering the same features as the original script editor including the ability to preview data and row limits and toggle the execution of store commands so, you can easily test your process.

You also get an overview pane to view lineage impact analysis history and notifications, offering a more efficient and accessible data preparation solution.

For a brief demonstration, we invite you to watch the video below!

Play Video

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