Qlik™ Data Integration Client-Managed Releases November 2023

Qlik™ Replicate November 2023 General Availability Release

Security is always top of mind for IT depts around the globe, and this release of Qlik™ Replicate November 2023 sees some serious enhancements across endpoints.

Security enhancements
  • Snowflake targets (Google, AWS, and Azure) support for OAuth2 authenticationOAuth offers a more secured method of authentication compared with using native accounts and is becoming the preferred option for many organizations.
    This builds a solid foundation to support OAuth in many more endpoints.
  • Kafka target support for certificate + username and password authentication
    • A new Certificate + Username and password authentication option has been added to the configuration options securing publishing data schemas to Confluent Schema Registry.
  • Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift Targets support for IAM Roles Anywhere
    • IAM Roles Anywhere can now be selected as the Access type for Amazon S3 Staging and Amazon S3 Storage within the configuration options for these endpoints
  • MySQL-based targets support SSL – It is now possible to connect via SSL for all MySQL based target endpoints.
New Endpoints and enhancements
  • Nou – Endpoint-ul țintă Microsoft Data Fabric
    • Qlik™ announces the ability to support replication from any supported source to Microsoft Fabric Synapse Data Warehouse.
      Note: Microsoft Fabric is currently in Public Preview and further updates may be required when it reaches GA
  • New – Google Cloud SQL for SQL Server source endpoint
    • This version introduces support for replicating data from Google Cloud SQL for SQL Server to any supported target.
  • New – Confluent Cloud target endpoint
    • This version introduces support for replicating data from any supported source to Confluent Cloud.
  • Enhanced – Google BigQuery target endpoint
    • Removed the dependency of having Google Cloud SDK installed.

Qlik™ Replicate May 2023 General Availability Release

Continuing the security enhancements, Qlik™ is excited to announce a long-awaited ability in Qlik™ Enterprise Manager for more granular access control at an endpoint level.
From Qlik™ Enterprise Manager in November 2023, it is now possible to set user permissions for a specific endpoint, both for individual users and for groups.
As always, each new release is fully supported for two years.

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