Styling Qlik™ Sense Charts

Styling your Apps, Charts, Sheets in Qlik Sense™

We will present below a video where you can see some tips, tricks and things you should know when it comes to styling your Qlik Sense™ charts.

          Chapter Index:
          00:00 – Intro
          00:30 – Learn more at
          00:50 – Chart styling intro – create new sheet
          01:41 – Style with simplified authoring mode
          02:00 – Create the chart
          02:25 – Style settings auto-chart significance – Tip #1
          03:20 – Chart styling panel – chart data, labels, color
          05:09 – Filter chart on dimension value
          06:25 – Footnote text vs filter auto-text – Tip #2
          07:17 – Bar styling
          08:00 – Tool tips with measure
          09:17 – Copy and paste chart with styling
          10:52 – Advanced options mode
          11:00 – Adjusting size of chart and background image
          12:58 – Advanced options – title colors
          13:55 – Add background image chart 2
          14:52 – Create Thumbnail for sheet – using @techsmith Snagit
          16:28 – Learn more – Continuous Classroom
          17:19 – On the next video – Master Items Library

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