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General Availability Release for
Qlik™ Replicate and Qlik™ Enterprise Manager

At the end of this month, Qlik™ is releasing general availability versions of both Qlik™ Replicate and Qlik™ Enterprise Manager.

Qlik™ Replicate

As part of Qlik™‘s ongoing commitment to building strong technical and commercial working relationships with the cloud platforms of its customers’ choice, this release significantly improves the way we work with platforms such as Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Below are some of the highlights.


Snowpipe StreamingQlik™ Replicate now supports Snowpipe Streaming, a new method for loading data into Snowflake in addition to Bulk Loading. Snowpipe Streaming can help reduce latency when replicating from source to target, as the data is streamed directly into Snowflake tables rather than staging. This method also does not require using the Snowflake warehouse, which can optimize your operating costs, depending on your use case.

Full Load enhancement – This release introduces a new way to use more files in a single copy command, resulting in faster loading times, especially with larger tables. Configuring how many files should be moved and when to time out is now possible.


Some improvements that were added in previous service releases are now available in this GA release.

OAuth is a new authentication method supported in Databricks endpoints. It has become a popular choice for many organisations; it is useful for unattended scenarios, such as tasks running in the background without client intervention.

Change Data Partitioning with Unity Catalog
Qlik™ Replicate added support for Databricks Unity Catlog, with the ability to divide targets into partitions. This feature was only available under a feature flag, but it is now standard in this GA release.

SAP Endpoint Enhancement

SAP continues to be a mission-critical system for many organizations. Qlik™ can uniquely empower your SAP data by offering several different methods of replicating SAP data and combining it with other non-SAP data.
One popular replication method for SAP HANA is Trigger-Based CDC, and this release now supports SAP HANA tables without a Primary Key (PK).
With the Transform configuration option, it is now possible to define the PK you want to use to create the triggers of the table.

Qlik™ has also optimized CDC performance for the SAP HANA Trigger-Based method by introducing Commit Timestamp (CTS) over the Log Table. This method is much faster and uses fewer artifacts.As of this release, CTS is now the default and recommended option for Trigger-Based CDC.

Important Note:
If you are using Log Table in previous versions of Qlik™ Replicate, this setting will be preserved after an upgrade to the May 2024 release to prevent any existing tasks from failing.
After upgrading to this release, you can take advantage of CTS. However, to avoid data loss, follow the instructions on Qlik™ Help!
For details, please check this page: Switching from Log Table mode to Commit Timestamp (CTS) mode.

There have also been several improvements across several other endpoints, such as:

  • Microsoft SQL Server (MS-CDC) – Timestamp and transaction ID preservation
  • PostgreSQL – capturing changes from partitioned tables
  • Teradata – replicating 4-byte emoji characters

Security and Compliance

Qlik™ has always taken trust and security seriously, long implementing security and privacy by design in their products. Qlik™ provides world-class architecture and expertise to confidently meet users’ security, compliance and privacy needs.

FIPS Compliance – FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) is a set of standards developed by the U.S. federal government for information systems that defines approved encryption algorithms for handling sensitive information. In this release, FIPS Compliance is now supported as part of the standard configuration routine, making the experience simpler for Qlik™ public sector customers.

In addition, the following endpoints have enhanced access and authentication methods:

  • Amazon Kinesis -support for AWS PrivateLink
  • MySQL endpoints – caching SHA-2 pluggable authentication

Qlik™ Enterprise Manager

Enhanced API Support

Qlik™ Enterprise Manager APIs have been extended with two new APIs to support adding and modifying tables within specific tasks.

  • GetTaskTableSelection: Receive the list of tables for a specific task.
  • PutTaskTableSelection: Override the list of tables for a specific task.

All our APIs can be used as REST, .NET, and Python. More details can be found here: Qlik™ Enterprise Manager API guide.
As always, each new release is fully supported for two years.

To obtain any of these releases, go to the Qlik™ Downloads Site in the Community, filter “Product Category” by “Qlik™ Data Integration”, select “Latest release and patch” in “Show Releases”, and then select the product and the versions you would like to download.

 If required, you can filter further by selecting the latest “Release” and/or Service Release (SR) version under “Release Number”.

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