Qlik™ Connect, Orlando, June 3-5, 2024

Qlik™ Connect

Orlando, June 3-5, 2024

The new capabilities that Qlik™ launched yesterday in Orlando, Florida at QlikConnect bring a spectacular integration of three complementary domains: AI, BI and DI (data integration), continuing the effort Qlik™ has been making in recent years in this regard.

Qlik™ Talend Cloud completes the integration of the recently acquired Talend platform into the Qlik™ Cloud platform, adding even more value to what was offered after the acquisition of Attunity and the integration of its portfolio a few years ago.

Spectacular how Qlik™ Talend Cloud engages AI from 2 perspectives: it uses AI to transform data, but is also an essential and multivalent foundation in preparing data for AI consumption.

Since data quality is essential in AI processing, Qlik™ Talend Cloud also offers a data quality score for AI, automatically assessed by no less than six criteria!

On the Qlik Sense™ interface side, we now have extremely easy integration of Auto Machine Learning tools previously taken over by another acquisition and facilitate integration with AIs interactively in the analytics interface.

But the elephant in the room is the new Qlik™ Answers, which can leverage the full suite of unstructured information (such as DOC or PDF files in particular, which until now were not really and fully accessible to analytics tools).

The key concept was ALL IN ONE PLACE!

And it was repeated over and over again in various perspectives:

I.e. AI+BI+DI+Automation in one platform (for techniques), but also

What happened + Why it happened + What could be done + What we choose + How we act (for business people)

And for those interested in AI … Acquisition + Cataloguing + Evaluation + Use + Feed + Leverage.

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