Planning with Inphinity Forms

With Inphinity Forms you can easily collaborate on planning, budgeting and forecasting, directly from the Qlik™ interface.

It’s easy to insert amend or delete values and see your changes in real time.
You can also have calculated fields that will be updated automatically as you change other columns.

Inphinity has a unique feature which means you don’t need to reload the application to see the most recent values in the Qlik™ charts.

You can use the native buttons to fill the columns or the entire table with the value or create custom actions that once executed will fill the cells with whatever you define in the expression or calculation, for example, exponential growth over time.

From your Inphinity table, you can make selections just like any other Qlik™ object and even copy and paste values to and from your Excel spreadsheets.

You can see who is collaborating with you on the app and don’t worry about overwriting someone’s work, the individual records are automatically locked while they’re being edited and automatically unlocked when the user saves the changes.

Creates multiple versions and manage them with workflows to approve the changes and lock the records, so users will not be able to edit that specific version once it’s approved.

You can also combine your Qlik™ measures with editable fields and compare how accurate your inputs were over time or if you prefer, you can pre-populate editable fields, using your Qlik™ measures with your own rules and edit them according to your preferences.

These are some of the things that you can do with Inphinity Forms, but the possibilities are endless.

Inphinity has also developed a separate premium extension to automatically calculate changes across different hierarchy levels using the dimensions from your Qlik™ data model.

You can easily create bottom up or top-down planning with different kinds of aggregations.

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