On Demand Tabular Reports in Qlik™

On Demand Tabular Reports in Qlik™

Last year Qlik™ released Tabular Reporting ( see our blog, here: https://qqinfo.ro/en/tabular-reporting-in-qlik-cloud-en/), a new Excel and Office 365 add-in that addresses operational report and distribution requirements by creating formatted reports using existing Qlik™ Cloud Analytics apps and data.

Now you can make those same reports available to download, on demand, directly to users while they analyze data within a Qlik™ Cloud Analytics app, complete with their preferred data selections.

If a tabular reporting template is enabled for on demand access, analyze data and make preferred selections as normal and access the Reports asset menu item.

You will see a list of available templates.

Click download on your preferred template and your report will be generated on demand from the defined template, reflecting your selections.

For a brief demo, please watch the viceoclip below!

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