New settings, permissions, styling, connectors and more!

Collaborative Notes Permissions, Button Text, New Connectors and More!

This week Qlik™ added styling capabilities to the Qlik Sense™ button object, additional UI settings and the ability to toggle visibility of dimensions and measures in bar charts using expressions.

It was also added finer level access control to Collaborative Notes and a host of new connectors for Qlik™ Application Automation.

For a brief demonstration, please watch the video below!

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Now you can share Collaborative Notes with Control!

Collaborative Notes authors will now experience full control over who views their notes within a space. When you create a note in a Shared or Managed space, the note will only be visible to you the author.

You will now be able to select who you share your note with. This is allowed with a named user list that can either View or Edit. If your note is intended to be Public and visible to all space users the note share state can be updated to Public View or Public Edit.

This update will allow you to comfortably enable the Notes feature for broad user adoption.

For a brief demonstration, please watch the videoclip below!

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