Getting The Most From Qlik™ Alerting

What is Qlik™ Alerting and what is it doing?

Qlik™ Alerting provides enterprise alerting for your Qlik Sense™ deployment. It offers self-service capabilities for users to create their own alerts on the data they have access to in Qlik Sense™. It also provides the capability for users, often power users, to create and manage alerts for others with managed shared and broadcast alerts.

With Qlik™ Alerting, you can monitor critical data without opening your Qlik Sense™ apps. Qlik Sense™ SaaS lets users set conditions based on measures or dimensions, and receive alerts when they are met. Alerts can be evaluated each time the app is reloaded or based on a schedule. You can share alerts with any user that has read permissions for the app.

In the videoclip below, you can watch these topics about Qlik™ Alerting:

  • Difference between SaaS and Windows
  • Different kinds of Alerts
  • Troubleshooting tips
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The topics contained in the video above, are:

          00:00 – Intro
          01:00 – What Qlik™ Alerting?
          01:36 – How Alerting Works
          02:58 – Licenses Capabilities
          03:38 – Different Types of Alerts
          05:13 – Enabling Alerting in Qlik Sense™ SaaS
05:49 – Creating Alerts in SaaS
          07:32 – Setting up Qlik™ Alerting Button on Windows
          08:33 – Fixing Certification error
          10:00 – Creating Alerts on Windows
          12:06 – Customized Notifications
          13:23 – Syncing Users with Qlik Sense™
          14:01 – Changing  Qlik™ Alerting Ports
          15:59 – Using Dev Hub to change ports
          17:15 – How to Troubleshoot Errors
          18:23 – Searching for more info
          19:01 – Creating System Alerts
          19:53 – Alerting Log Files
          21:12 – Setting up Monitoring App
          23:50 – Documentation on Help.Qlik.Com
          24:40 – Q & A

For a demonstration about how to create an alert in Qlik Sense™ SaaS, please watch the videoclip below:

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