Education For Data & Analytics

Education For Data & Analytics

You’ve probably heard the term “data is the new oil”, which means finding, analyzing, and auctioning your data is one quick way to get your business on the path to profitability. However, it’s not that easy to simply find oil. You need the right tools to identify where it is, drill down and extract it, and process and refine it into something useful.

The same holds true, fundamentally speaking at least, of data. For many organizations, it’s not the easiest thing to find, let alone to analyze and action.

We are pleased to present some important information about data, such as: why you need it, where to find it, how to make sense of it and, best of all, how to use it to deliver benefits to your organization. Data can provide a story about past performance, but can also forecast future performance and outcomes, if the right tools are in place. We will show you how to find and refine your ”oil” to power the business into the future.

We will present on this article, a series of nine educational videos about Data and Analytics. Each video takes you through the topics that most organizations face  when considering becoming a data-driven business.

The series aims to equip you with a greater sense of considerations you need to take across the journey towards data maturity – from where and how to start, to implementing best practice and more, each video will walk you through the basics of data.

Introduction to Data & Analytics for Executives

Where do you start if you’re an organization looking to improve your data and analytics capability?

This video answers that and gives you more about Data and Analytics. The video is a course in data and analytics, imbuing viewers with an understanding of the basics and fundamentals required on their journey towards becoming an Intelligent Enterprise.

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Why is Data and Analytics an Industry Imperative

Data presented in the video below show a nearly 40% increase in investment into analytics since the beginning of the pandemic. But why are data and analytics an important vector for recovery from COVID-19?

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Learning the Language

How can organizations make the best use of data and analytics to make informed decisions?

This video walks you through the five steps companies need to consider when looking to leverage data and analytics to make intelligent decisions.

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Data & Analytics Best Practices

As more organizations become data-driven decision-makers, some best practices have begun to emerge.

In this video there are presented the six best practices organizations can implement on their journey towards becoming Intelligent Enterprises.

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Relevant Data & Analytics Strategies

There’s a lot of talk within organizations about implementing a data and analytics strategy. But what is it, and how can organizations make it relevant for their unique needs?

In this video it is shown the basics of a data and analytics strategy and how to adopt one suitable for your organization.

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Data Governance

It’s no secret that data is a valuable asset… but it can lose its value if it isn’t properly managed. Introducing data governance is critical to keeping data safe and, importantly, productive.

This video walks you through what data governance is, its importance and how a sustainable data governance strategy can be implemented and managed.

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Modern Data Platforms

More data was generated in the last two years than in the history of humanity. But how can business harness the power of the wealth of data at their disposal?

In this video you can see the different kinds of data, how to manage them and the benefits of modern data platforms.

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Building a Data Driven Culture

The biggest hindrance holding businesses back from creating value in investments into analytics and AI is the absence of a data-driven culture. But what is a data-driven culture, and how can it be fostered?

This video outlines what makes a data-driven culture so valuable to a business, and how to start one from scratch.

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Next Steps

This last video outlines the ideal next steps to take in the journey towards becoming a data-driven business, from assessing your data maturity, understanding and aligning your data strategy with the business strategy, and more.

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