Create and Share Qlik Application Automation Templates

Create and Share Qlik Application Automation Templates

In Qlik™ Application Automation, you can now save your automation workflows as templates for others in your organization to use and build upon. Once you’ve designed your workflow for a particular task, right-click on the work page and choose Save as template – a window will pop up prompting you to add a name, description and a restricted image, as well as visibility status – choose Shared to make this automation available to other recipients.

When a user creates a new automation in Qlik™ Cloud Platform,

a template selector will be displayed, giving you access to a variety of predefined workflows. Choosing Shared from the menu on the left will display all templates shared by users in your shared workspace. Choosing a template will pre-populate your workspace with the automation blocks defined in the template – you can now make changes afterwards according to your needs. Shared application automation templates make it easy to share and proliferate the work of others, while reducing development time and providing an easy way to customize an existing workflow for your needs.

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