What’s new in Qlik Sense™ SaaS at the end of June, beginning of July 2022

Catalog enhancements in Qlik Sense™ SaaS

The Qlik Sense™ SaaS Catalog can now include data that is stored in relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and Snowflake, increasing data reuse, visibility and governance while expanding the types of content that data engineers and data administrators can manage and distribute. It also simplifies the use of data, as data consumers no longer need to set up data connections, as they can simply search for the data they need in the catalogue.

For a short overview, watch the video below!

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Simplified authoring in Qlik Sense™ SaaS

The new Simplified Authoring started to be available in Qlik™ Cloud Platform / Qlik Sense™ SaaS from 5 July 2022. This experience makes creating mockups and visualizations fast and easy with a new all-in-one interface. It will offer the following benefits to new and existing Qlik Sense™ SaaS users:

  • Accelerated layout and chart creation
  • Simplified filtering, providing easy access to frequently used properties
  • Faster access to tables and data fields

Beginning July 5, 2022, Qlik™ application administrators will have the option to “turn on” simplified creation for all of their users once they have familiarized themselves with the new capability, with a global activation of this option for all Qlik Sense™ SaaS users on August 9, 2022.

Below, you can watch a tutorial on simplified authoring in Qlik Sense™ SaaS.

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